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Check out my awesome new bike rack set up!


So I ended up going with the cheaper one…why you ask? Because it was cheap…and I am cheap…and it does the same damn job! 

I got the hitch, which was so easy to install it is just silly, and then just slide that rack right in! It is sturdy and the bike doesn’t move at all, it is awesome! It is so nice not having to take apart the bike to put it in the car and take it out. I just undo the little rubber straps and BAM! done, that’s it…off and ready to go!

And remember how I wasn’t sure if it would bend back enough?


Definitely not a problem, that door goes up without any problems at all…

I realize I have been a bad blogger, so let me catch you up on my weekend…




Ya, all that space…thats what I did….nothing! 

Well, I groomed the dogs and watched football like a good American, does that count?

So yesterday I had to do something because I was a lazy bum all weekend. I headed over to the Rose Bowl with my bike to do a few laps. Even though it gets dark, it is ok because I think there are more bikes out than cars and as long as you have lights on your bike there isn’t much of an issue. My first lap was ok, but I think I went out too strong and then I couldn’t breath. So when I looped back to my car and grabbed my inhaler and did a couple puffs…that helped. I was able to get in 3 laps before I was just tired of my chest being all tight. I had a nice deep cough for the rest of the night so I made sure to stay warm and I also took my other inhaler this morning that deals with inflammation…so far I am doing ok.

They are saying it is supposed to rain, I am hoping it doesn’t because I would like to get a run in on Thursday. But…we will see…after all…it is L.A.

AND, I applied to be sponsored by Aquaphor:

aquaphor1I met all but one of their requirements…which was to be top in my age group… :-/  So hopefully they overlook that small fact and go with the other facts that I am extremely vocal about products I use, am outgoing, and that I am just a cool person. Once place that I do think I could be top in would be the Athena division. When I did the Turkey Tri I compared my time to the people that were in the Athena division and I would have placed 3rd! But since that is not what I signed up for….I didn’t get it. So I am going to try that this year because I meet the Athena weight qualification by being just 5 pounds over, so maybe that puts me at an advantage…I don’t know.

But what I really pushed when I applied was the fact that anyone can do a triathlon you just have to have a goal and that everyone can attain a level of fitness. I think about me and how I always wanted to be good at sports but never really was and I think about how much effort I have put into my training and how much I actually enjoy it and I ask myself if one day I would be capable to do an Ironman…. me… do an Ironman… I just wonder sometimes…

If you have gotten this far in my blog, thanks for sticking around and listening to my inner thoughts.

Happy Hump Day!