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Tour de Palm Springs Report

Oh where, oh where to begin…

Well, I will start with Friday morning. We headed out to Redlands to visit my Grandparents and got there around noon. We stayed with them because it was only a 30 minute drive from their house to Palm Springs, versus the 2 hours it would have taken from my house. My grandma knew that we were doing the ride and I told her we needed to have a good carb loaded dinner the night before. Oh boy! Did she take me seriously! My Grandma is a great cook so George and I ate great! We started out with a zucchini soup with potatoes for lunch . I didn’t think it would be very filling, but it totally was…After lunch George and I thought it would be best if  we headed out to the expo so that we could get whatever we needed as well as check out the expo. We headed out and I was so excited to see the windmills-


Now, these are just a couple of the small ones, there were tons more! (you will see them in a bit)

We got out to the expo, got our wristbands and walked around the expo a bit. Once we were all done there, we headed back to Redlands to play some Mexican Train! We got through about 5 games and then had dinner which was this rice, chicken, casserole dish and it was yummy! We headed to bed early and I fell asleep surprisingly fast considering that I always have trouble sleeping before an event. 

We woke up at 5:45am, got our breakfast and headed out. We sort of got a late start, but we were able to make it with just enough time. Here are George and I at the start-


p2130185And here is the starting area that was also the expo.

The start was very interesting because it was staggered. They don’t close the roads down, so they have to send people off in little bursts. It worked out nicely because when I did the Acura L.A. Bike Tour last year it was ridiculous trying to pass all the slow people. With less people it is a little bit easier to pass them. We headed north toward the mountains and had a nice cross wind at us (bleh). Here is the thing with this ride that I am not a big fan of….so you remember those windmills…right? Well, they put those there for a reason. It just so happens that the valley they are in gets am obscene amount of wind because of the way the valley is. Well…our ENTIRE ride was in that valley….which means…headwinds on a regular basis…which SUUUUCKS! The only time it was good is when we were heading east and had the wind at our back, that was fun. Here is a photo of us when we pulled over next to the big windmills-


George is messin with his bike computer because it wasn’t reading…and this is why I am not a big fan of wireless bike computers… 

This was about 10 miles into the ride and it felt like longer because of the headwind. But right after this we caught the wind to our backs and we flew! Those miles went by fast. We got to the first SAG stop, picked up some bananas, chex mix and water and were off as soon as possible. That was most of the ride until we got back to the city and thats when it got annoying. There were so many stop lights that it just took forever to get through. We got to the final SAG stop and picked up some P.B.&Js and that helped. It was actually the best SAG stop because there was enough room and people didn’t congregate on the side of the road…I took a photo 🙂


Aren’t those mountains puuurty???? I forgot to mention that the weather ended up being PERFECT! It was raining on Friday but cleared up for Saturday and it was about 65 degrees all day with the sun shining. We finally got to 55 miles and the finish was no where to be found…and that is when I started to go a little loopy…I really wanted the ride to be over and it wasn’t. We ended up going 56 miles, but that last mile was killer. I was complaining the whole way and I was grumpy! By the time we got to the finish, I was so glad it was over I don’t think I enjoyed it that much. But there were some very enthusiastic cheerleaders that helped a bit. 

It took us 3:55 to do the 56 mile ride….that is a long time on a bike but it was good ride. Here is George and me in the car after the ride, we were nice and tired-


When we got back to my Grandparents house George and I crashed for 2 hours before eating dinner and heading home. We had fun, and I am sure we will do something like this again, but I have to say that it was very draining and right now…I am looking forward to a nice restful sleep.

Happy Valentines Day!