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Happy Ash Wednesday!

Ok, I know…not really supposed to be happy because we are going into Lent. You also might be wondering why I am posting something about Lent…we’ll get to that in a minute.

It just so happens that I am Catholic…I was raised in the Catholic Church and have gone to Catholic school from K-College. I am not a right winged nut, and you would actually be surprised if we ever got into a philosophical discussion because you will find that I am like a Buddist Catholic. What does that mean? Ask me sometime! For one thing, it is about balance. Finding a middle way and living a healthy, happy, loving life. So, why are we learning about Kristen’s religious views? 

Well, during the season of Lent we prepare for Easter. These 40 days and 40 nights represent the time that Mr.Jesus spent in the desert before he died. Traditionally, people give up things for Lent. I.e. chocolate…alcohol…facebook (thats a new one). Since college, I have viewed it as somewhat selfish to give up something. Who are you helping by giving up chocolate, other than yourself, and then BINGING on it Easter Sunday…Just doesn’t seem logical to me. Therefore, I try to DO something for others. This year I have chosen to promote health and wellness to try to get people to realize that it is very easy to be healthy. 

I have applied to be a group leader for Weight Watchers to get people to their first 5k. Not sure if I will actually get the job, but it would be cool to motivate people and get them going to realize that 3 miles is something they can accomplish. I am going to do a program at work (I am HR so I can do this crap) to help promote health and wellness as well. Not sure what exactly I will be doing, but the other day someone made pop tarts as a snack and that made me sad 😦 

I have also started to wear a LIVESTRONG bracelet…this is to remind me to not only promote healthiness, but to do it myself. To me LIVESTRONG represents making the conscience effort to not kill myself (i.e. cancer) by doing stupid things such as eating McDonalds because I feel like a burger!

So now I head off to mass to get my forehead dirty to kick off this little program, will you join me? Come work out with me, or don’t feel bad if we are out to dinner and I give you a dirty look for getting the bloomin onion…