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Round and round and round we go

Where we stop? 

At the cars to throw on our sneakers and go for a run! Well, everyone except for me and George…and Marvin…and Rich…and a few other anti runners…

We had our weekly brick last night, once again…I HAD A BLAST! Here is why I like it (yes…I am going into a list…I like lists)

#1 I hang on with the group for as long as I can, when I start wheezing, I pull out and do my own ride.

#2 I get to hang out with everyone and talk to them. On Saturday rides this doesn’t happen because they lose me in the first few blocks.

#3 I get to spend time with my better half

#4 I like riding in a peleton…it is sooooo cool!

#5 Allen is a good ride leader.

I also was able to hold on for 2.25 laps! Last week I could only hold on for 1.5, so that is a good improvement. I also think they didn’t go out as hard this week, so that could have been in my advantage as well. I think these brick rides are just great, I can’t rave about them enough. It is just so nice that a slow rider like me can have fun with the fast guys for a few laps while they “warm up” and I am wheezing behind them! 

Next week I will not be able to do the ride, I have to go up north for work and won’t be back in time. Oh well 😦 but the week after that I should be good.

This Saturday I am doing this thing at the Americana at Brand with Lulu Lemon. I think it is scavenger hunt and they have prizes for the top 3 winners as well as raffle prizes. I always like free stuff, and it seemed like it would be a good workout, so I signed up! I plan to ride my bike down there in the morning as to make my carbon footprint a little smaller. It should be fun, top prize is Lulu Lemon gear equal to $650…can’t beat that! There stuff is SUPER expensive and they never have sales…

So it should be a busy weekend, between that and the Pasadena Marathon Bike Tour its filling up fast! At some point I will need to get some serious vegging in.

Here is a video of the group, as you can see….there is a lot!