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My Demise

How dare that little girl look so happy! When I am done with these cookies I will break any ropes that they try to hang me off and then I won’t be able to fling my arms in the air whilst wearing a pink over sized t-shirt with the girl scout logo on it. I have just come to the coclusion that it will require more physical activity, because I enjoy the cookies too much.

From the moment I received my little package last night, I have been eating them. I ate them during choir practice and I just finished off half of a sleeve. This is not looking good. At least I only bought 2 boxes…I know people that buy tons of these and then freeze them for the year so that they have these little pieces of yumminess all year round. I have a slight problem with that, I sort of look forward to cookie time each year. There is something nostalgic about it….I think that would go away if I could eat them anytime I wanted them. Anyway, my battle with cookies continues…they are winning….

I have all my gear today to do my reverse brick, looking forward to seeing what I can do…I will have a report for you tomorrow on that.

I also have a SUPER SECRET thing that I am doing on Saturday and it is SUPER EXCITING! It involves a celebrity, George, and our bikes! Guess what it is? I will drop a few hints here and there…if you guess it…good for you! 🙂 I will send you a congratulatory e-mail…until then…I will keep you in suspense!