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Silly People

Last night I did a little work out, I ran a mile on the suckmil and then did 5 minutes of rowing then I jumped in the pool and did 20 minutes of laps.

More detailed breakdown:

Suckmil – 1 Mile

I was only able to do 1 mile on the suckmil because I couldn’t take it and it was even hard getting to the mile. I guess I am spoiled now since I have been running on the earth…what a concept! Plus, I only wanted to do a warm up since the focus of the workout was the swim.

Rowing – 5 Minutes

I dated a guy a while back, during college, that was on the Pepperdine rowing team. One day he showed me how to properly use the rowing machine and since then I have always felt it was an excellent ab workout. I hate crunches and this works my abs out even more then crunches. It really is a core workout if you do it correctly and my abs are always SUPER sore after I do the rowing machine.

Swimming – 20 Minutes

The goal here was just to swim for 20 minutes. I didn’t really count my laps, I knew I was at a 1 minute pace for every 50 meters so I was happy with just knowing that. I focused on my form, breathing and overall endurance. I have to say that the first 10 minutes were killer! I hadn’t swam in such a long time and my arms were hurting, my sides were cramping and the top of my foot was annoying me. But then after that first 10 minutes, I got into my groove and felt good.

Once I was done, I spent some time in the hot tub and the sauna then headed home. My plan is to get to the pool at least once a week, it really is a great workout and I always feel great after.

Now for the silly people….

WordPress provides this feature where I am able to see what words people use to find my blog, and I have to say…people are really silly when you leave them all by themselves with a keyboard and the internet. Here are a few of my favorites:

lulu lemons ass (Just as an FYI….there are multiple searches with this wording….WTF?)

womens bum hurts from cycling

where are your sit bones

inside of my sit bones

work out butt hurts

kristin triathlon lazy

nice rack

face part

work out butt hurts

I think that it is funny how many hits I get an people’s sore asses! my #1 post is My sit bones (ass) hurts!….too funny…..

Anyway, tomorrow is the Wednesday brick…hopefully I won’t feel as crappy as I did last week. I don’t think I posted about it, but essentially last weeks brick was one big FAIL! I did like 3 loops and was just done! There was a headwind and I didn’t eat enough in the day so even though I was going 20 mph on the downhill, I felt like I was going 13 mph…it was horrible. So I must redeem myself this week! 

Did you do your taxes yet? I did! I am getting a wad from the federal government….so you know what that means???? YUP! SERIOUSLY considering a tri bike!