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Santa Anita 5k Race Report

So last minute, I decided to do a 5k race…. Here is how the decision went…

Saturday there is a 5k

Costs $30 :-/

They have a beer garden!

So, I went that morning and registered and ran the 5k. It almost didn’t happen though because Brandon from Incycle called me to tell me that my new shoes were in! YAY! I will post a full post of my not so happy feet later…but I will share with you now that the cycling shoes were too big, so we have to order a 41 and therefore wait a little longer.

When the cycling shoes didn’t fit I knew it was a sign that I should do the 5k. I found out that Gail and Neil, new members of PTC,  would be doing it so I figured at least I could talk to SOMEONE at some point. 

Bright and early I drop George off so that he can ride up to the starting point for the PTC group ride, then I headed down to park for the 5k (we both had to be in the Sierra Madre/Santa Anita area…so that worked out). I head down, park and walk over to registration. I wanted to get there SUPER early so that I would have time to register, stretch, pre-race potty and just relax….check, check and check! Everything went very smoothly and I was not in a rush, I actually sat in my warm car for a bit and messed around with my contact because it was bugging me. I get to the start line and set myself in the 9 minute pace area, which I am not…but I didn’t want to be in the “walkers” area! I stood around for a bit, the area started to get crowded, then in a somewhat uneventful horn blast, we were off! My goal for this race was to stay consistent! Not push myself and just relax, it worked out well. I ran the entire thing (walked for a few steps to drink water) and just kept a steady pace. The race course was through the L.A. Arboretum and that was nice too. I have been wanting to go there but George informed me that it was just plants…so he wasn’t too thrilled about going. But now he doesn’t have to take me because all I really needed was a quick run through it to see it! Because…it was just a bunch of plants…

My splits were as follows:

Mile 1 – 11:30

Mile 2 – 11:45

Mile 3.2 – 12:43

Total: 35:58

Overall, not too bad for me….I am so slow.

One thing I noticed during this race was that because I am so slow I usually get stuck running with the out of shape people. This pace was good for me…so I wasn’t really breathing hard, had my heart rate in a good place and got to enjoy the view. But the people around me….I could hear their feet slapping the ground…they were huffing and puffing…walking…dying…and I just realized I can’t be that bad off because I was able to keep a smile on my face for the photog and even look around and enjoy the view. When I got to the finish line, they had everyone pushing through this little gate to get into the infield…it was basically a clusterf*%#k…but I got to hear some conversations. One guy was saying the hill on Baldwin always gets him…I was like…what hill?


Mind you, that is .28 miles….so that 7% grade is probably 10 steps…. that is a hump! 

Then I heard some other guys talking about how fast it took them to get to the first mile…”oh, dude…i got to the first mile in 9 min”…”oh ya man, I got to it at 8:40″… my head -“then why they hell did you come through the finish chute with me at 35 min??????”  It is because you blew out! And had to walk MORONS!!!!

There were a lot of moronic men out there and chatty Kathys….I should have brought my iPod.

Anway, I took some photos and Brightroom was there as well, I should have some photos soon in which I will update this post so make sure to check back later!