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From the Darkness, There is Light

So I have been pretty down lately. And by down, I mean almost in tears curled up like a little ball on my bed.

The fires have completely forbidden me to run, bike or swim near where I live.

I threw out my back about when the fires started, so I haven’t even been able to work out (even if I wanted to).

But there is a glimmer of light! My back is feeling better today, I actually don’t feel pain at all points in the day. Now it is just when I do something stupid… It is also Labor Day weekend and George and I are going to do a ride over at Zuma on Monday before we become beach bums and hang out at the beach for the rest of the day. Then I might actually get to go to Curves on Saturday to do a little workout, but I won’t push it. Especially with the machines that I have to use my lower back on.

So it is getting a little better…

Now, I have to explain to you a little bit about how these fires are affecting us triathletes here in the San Gabriel Valley. We are all going INSANE! We are so used to working out outside and the thought of entering a gym is somewhat daunting… like…I am supposed to run on this thing and not going anywhere? Not to mention, the AQMD (Air Quality Management District) is telling us not to even workout indoors because the particulate matter makes its way inside too. So our only option is to go to the beach, most of have jobs…so that doesn’t work out well. Have I thought about calling in “sick”, yes…”mentally sick” just so that I can get in a ride over in Malibu. But alas…bad back and lots of work prevents that. Anyway, someone sent out an interesting e-mail in the club yesterday, who I think knows what we are all thinking at this point….”I can’t see the fires…I can smell it…but I am SICK and TIRED of not doing anything…I will work out!” The e-mail sent out was a story of a man, who continued to ride during the fires, and then developed a cough and now has screwed up his lungs because of all the particulate matter that he inhaled. And now…we are back to “ok, so maybe I won’t work out”. But you have to understand that it is quite stressful the situation we are all in.

But not nearly as stressful as this:

49009997Or this:

6a00d8341c630a53ef0120a54457b4970b-600wiSo BFD, I can’t work out! I think I will live.

And my thoughts and prayers are with the people that have to fight these fires and the people affected by these fires. I cannot begin to imagine the grief and stress that is induced by such an event.

But hopefully, they can find that glimmer of light amidst the darkness.


The Hills are Alive

With fire….

Thursday, 7:30PM

And when I walked out of my house this morning it smelled like a camp fire.

So with the Nautica Malibu Triathlon only 16 days away, I can’t really do any training this weekend. boooooo! I would go out to the beach, but I have to be back in Glendale by 10:30AM, which is impossible to do when going out to the beach. So I guess I will hit up Curves and just do my best over the next couple of days. We were also supposed to have this really important ride this weekend with the Pasadena Tri Club and I just don’t think it will happen with all this smoke in the air. I also won’t be doing it anyway, BECAUSE of all the smoke in the air and the fact that I have asthma.

I also threw out my back this week, it is better now but I was in misery on Monday and Tuesday. Went to see my chiropractor on Monday and he did some ultra sound and adjusted me. By Tuesday I was feeling a bit better and now I am almost as good as new. I just hope these fires clear out and I am able to get some level of training in. I might even get on a suckmil just so that I can do some running.

Here is a picture I took today from my office, you can see the flames on the hill in person…camera didn’t pick it up so well:

Friday, 11:45PM

So, like I said…no training for me this weekend.

I did however get a good workout when I ran up 5 flights of stairs to see if I could get to the roof to take a better picture 🙂