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My Wednesday Evening

Oh, where to start….

I guess I will start when I got off from work yesterday. I had dropped off my bike on MONDAY at Incycle….MONDAY….for a new chain and a slight tune up. Nothing major, just get things working together again. I called in on TUESDAY to see if it might be ready and I was told that it was scheduled to be done WEDNESDAY. So all day yesterday I was waiting for my phone to ring and a voice on the other end to say “your bike it ready!”, but no go…so after work I went over to the shop and ask for my bike. I was all dressed in my cycling gear so they knew that I would be riding. Well, a person (I will not say who it is because I like said person and it is not their fault) started rushing around, found a red Allez and rushed it over to get worked on. So 3 days they have my bike and it just gathers dust…so I walk over and see the bike they are working on….red Allez…white saddle….gray bar tape…no areobars….uhhhh….not my bike…. So I went over to said person and ask how my bike is coming along, said person says “they are working on it” I say “uhm, they ain’t workin on my bike! That’s not my bike” Said person’s jaw drops to ground, I pick it up then said person gets my bike (it was hanging in their back room). Nothing had been done to it….nadda…zilch….zero….So I tell said person, just let me have it so that I can go on my ride tonight and I will bring it back tomorrow. So this has become quite an ordeal and I have to say that it is quite inconvenient…so thank you Incycle…for nothing :-/

So I get to the Rose Bowl and realize…I don’t have my phone…in my rush to get out the door of my office I left my poor little phone on my desk. So now I feel completely NAKED! Oh well, I think I can manage without it for 12 hours…So we get on our bikes and we head out for the laps. Last nights focus was more about the run and less about the bike. So I did one complete lap with the group, then couldn’t breath, and dropped off. I ended up doing 4 laps, 13 miles in 45 minutes. If I can do 12 miles in 45 minutes for the Iron Girl next weekend, I will be SOOOO HAPPY! I used the aerobars and I like them, I need to make a couple of slight adjustments to get used to them so on Sunday George and I are going to go to the river trail  just to do that, get me cozy on the bars! After my 4 laps I pulled into the parking lot and got my running shoes on. George and I weren’t planning on running that far (15 out, 15 back) but ended up doing and hour run because Allen caught up with us to show us the trails, which was so cool! All in all we ran about 5 miles, George and I were pretty pleased with ourselves because we normally don’t run very much. So the work out was really fun and I am glad we pushed ourselves.

Then this morning, I get in my car and realize I don’t have any gas. So I say to myself….well…I have enough to get me to work and then I can fill up out there. Except, I get to Pasadena and realize that my BANK CARD is in the pocket of my pants that I wore last night! DOH! Fortunately, a kind soul has loaned me $10 so now I can get gas, drive my bike over to Incycle, AGAIN, and get home. Thank you kind soul 🙂

Somewhere I left my head, not sure when or where but I would like it back. 

This Saturday I sadly will not be doing the PTC ride, priorities…I have to get my hair done…its been like 5 months! But, I WILL BE GETTING A SCOOTER! That’s right, a SCOOTER! Yesterday I went to the DMV and took my written test for a motorcycle license and I passed and got my permit! You need a motorcycle license to ride a scooter of 150cc or more…which I am getting. It was funny, because after I passed the test I went up to the last window and the lady was surprised I had passed. And I told her “well, I read the book”… and she said that people usually don’t pass and that it is a hard test, mmmm….ok….. Anyway, I am so excited and I am going to get bright red! Now, you may be asking…why a scooter? Because they are cool…and I am too scared to ride a motorcycle and its what they ride in Europe, ok? 

I am pretty sure this is the same scooter, but I will have detailed images of myself on the scooter once I get it 🙂



When I first started this blog I thought it would be cool if I had a name and a little theme going on. After 5 months of thinking about it…I think I finally came up with something! If you haven’t already guessed…

Endurance Turtle

What do you think? Weird? Some others were Turtle Triathlete, Triathlon Turtle…but I went with Endurance Turtle…I like the idea of a turtle because I am slow…and usually just chugging along but I get the job done!

Vote on the box in the upper right corner and tell me if you like it our not, or give me some other suggestions.

It is starting to look better for this Saturday. The storm may not come in till Sunday, and we will get to sneak in on Saturday for the event. It will be cold, but I can deal with the cold. I went out to the Rose Bowl last night and did laps and my temperature gauge on my bike said it was 47 degrees. It took me 35 min to do a little over 9 miles (3 laps). This is really good training for the Pasadena Triathlon because we will do a run around the loop, then 3 laps on the bike and then swim in the pool. So far I have been able to run the loop in 35 minutes and can do the bike in 35 minutes. With transition times and the swim portion, I an predicting a 1:20 finish time. It would be great to get it below or at and hour…but that would require me to be a faster runner! And cyclist! So, we will see…I am really looking forward to doing it and I know it will be a blast.

I will try to run tomorrow if it is not raining. For some weird reason…I know that I am picking up on my training, but it is almost like I am on auto pilot. I never really think much of it and I just go out there and do it. Which I guess would be a good thing. Within the next couple of weeks I am going to fit in a “long” run at the Rose Bowl loop. Not sure how long or how I will do it…but I am starting to think two laps ought to do it. I actually might do that Monday if I feel up to it since I have the day off. Woo Hoo!

P.s. If you are counting…that is a PTO day on Friday and a holiday on Monday = 4 DAY WEEKEND! That’s like a min-vacation!

I feel fat

I am not sure if it is the cold weather, or my recent insatiable urge to eat chocolate…but I feel chubby.

So I am deciding that if I must keep eating…that I should probably work out as many times a week for at least 30 min. So that is what I did last night…in the cold…but honestly, it wasn’t that bad once I warmed up.

Here is what the weather was:

untitledLittle chilly! 

So every Monday night I have choir practice in La Canada and there is this track next to the building we practice in. The gate is always open so last night I figured I could go there and run a few times around and then go to choir, and that is exactly what I did! I ran 2 miles total around the track whilst jumping over little puddles from the rain. The second mile I did sprints and I am hoping that helps with my speed. I averaged a 10 minute mile, which is great for me! After about 3 laps I actually started getting really warm, so that cold weather wasn’t too bad.

Tonight I have all my stuff to go to the Rose Bowl and do some laps on my bike. It’s the closest thing I have to riding right now since all this rain has really put a damper on the weekends. I know it will be cold, but I am prepared with all my winter clothing attire, so it shouldn’t be too bad.

For now the sun is back out…only for today…little bit tomorrow…

untitled21But this weekend is looking bad :-/

Let me know if you have any tips for riding in the rain…because as I said before…I am NOT backing out of this weekends Tour de Palm Springs!