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Brickety Brick

So last night I did a reverse brick…why you ask? Because the Pasadena Triathlon is a REVERSE triathlon and I wanted to get a feel for how it would be going from a run to the bike. 

This was my run:


Was I drunk? No, I just had to pee…. I knew I wanted to run about 20 min and I knew I had to pee so running around the Rose Bowl wouldn’t be much of an option because that would take me over 30 minutes and there are no potties. So I just started running on this little path and had a general idea where the bathrooms were. On the map, just past mile 1, there are little people…that was the bathroom. I ducked in there, went #1 and then popped back out. Once I got back out I realized I still hadn’t gone for 20 minutes. So I headed up the path a little bit then cut over and down back to my bike. By the time I was done I had gone for 20 minutes! SUCCESS!

I then tried to transition as quickly as possible to my bike gear, but forgot to pull out my shoes before and had to dig in my bag to get them…good one! Within a couple of minutes I was off on my bike. I did three laps around the Rose Bowl and each lap seemed to get more boring! I really am not a big fan of these loops and later realized that for the race I will have to do it a total of 4 times! That sucks! So hopefully there will be some characters out there that will distract me from a view I have seen a ton of times…

When everything was said and done I went home, ate dinner, ate another 1/2 sleeve of thin mints and relaxed for the rest of the night…phew….I actually even got to bed at a decent hour and feel good today.

Nothing scheduled today for a workout, but will do one tomorrow after work. I am also going to go to the Pasadena Triathlon Club’s info session at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center to meet possible new members and let them know that triathlons are fun and that it isn’t as overwhelming as it seems. 

I am feeling better about the triathlon next Saturday, I feel like I can handle it. I really tried to focus on my ChiRunning techniques (mostly posture, haven;t really learned much else at this point) and also focused on where I need to put effort into the ride and where I can relax a little. All part of my race strategy that will hopefully help me on the day of.

My next clue for the SUPER SECRET thing I am doing on Saturday….It involves a mural, Children’s Hospital & Nike!

Guess it yet?


AMGEN Tour of California

Can I just tell you that this is the first time that I have ever really watched a cycling event? And I love it! I have been absolutely obsessed! I never realized that I would be so interested in watching a bunch of guys on bikes, pedaling their little hearts out for 4 hours. But I have to say, it is really addicting! Especially at the end when they all sprint to the finish, yesterday, it was so close it was literally by a couple of inches. 

Anyway, I am also super excited because they are coming right here to Pasadena. On Saturday, we will be meeting up with about 30 people in Santa Clarita and riding the Stage 7 route to Pasadena. Now, I am slow…this is nothing new…so I opted to drive the SAG car and George is going to ride it with the other people. It is all being organized through the Pasadena Tri Club and most of the people will be in our club, but we also have a few from L.A. Tri. After the ride we are going to hang out at the finish and wait for the pros to come through. There is this entire festival that goes on at the finish line and I am really looking forward to it. 

Here is what the map looks like-


So that is a 4,000 foot elevation gain and the highest point in the tour so far. I will be sure to take a ton of pictures (bringing George’s camera and mine) and will post them when it is all said and done with.

Tonight I am going to head to the Rose Bowl to do a run, the last time I did any physical activity was on Saturday for the half century. So I think my rest time is over and it is time to get back to work. The Pasadena Triathlon is coming up on March 14th and I am really going to train smart for this one. The course is right here and I can actually train on it so that the day of the race I am ready to go. 

Tomorrow is Friday! One more day till the weekend 🙂


When I first started this blog I thought it would be cool if I had a name and a little theme going on. After 5 months of thinking about it…I think I finally came up with something! If you haven’t already guessed…

Endurance Turtle

What do you think? Weird? Some others were Turtle Triathlete, Triathlon Turtle…but I went with Endurance Turtle…I like the idea of a turtle because I am slow…and usually just chugging along but I get the job done!

Vote on the box in the upper right corner and tell me if you like it our not, or give me some other suggestions.

It is starting to look better for this Saturday. The storm may not come in till Sunday, and we will get to sneak in on Saturday for the event. It will be cold, but I can deal with the cold. I went out to the Rose Bowl last night and did laps and my temperature gauge on my bike said it was 47 degrees. It took me 35 min to do a little over 9 miles (3 laps). This is really good training for the Pasadena Triathlon because we will do a run around the loop, then 3 laps on the bike and then swim in the pool. So far I have been able to run the loop in 35 minutes and can do the bike in 35 minutes. With transition times and the swim portion, I an predicting a 1:20 finish time. It would be great to get it below or at and hour…but that would require me to be a faster runner! And cyclist! So, we will see…I am really looking forward to doing it and I know it will be a blast.

I will try to run tomorrow if it is not raining. For some weird reason…I know that I am picking up on my training, but it is almost like I am on auto pilot. I never really think much of it and I just go out there and do it. Which I guess would be a good thing. Within the next couple of weeks I am going to fit in a “long” run at the Rose Bowl loop. Not sure how long or how I will do it…but I am starting to think two laps ought to do it. I actually might do that Monday if I feel up to it since I have the day off. Woo Hoo!

P.s. If you are counting…that is a PTO day on Friday and a holiday on Monday = 4 DAY WEEKEND! That’s like a min-vacation!

I feel fat

I am not sure if it is the cold weather, or my recent insatiable urge to eat chocolate…but I feel chubby.

So I am deciding that if I must keep eating…that I should probably work out as many times a week for at least 30 min. So that is what I did last night…in the cold…but honestly, it wasn’t that bad once I warmed up.

Here is what the weather was:

untitledLittle chilly! 

So every Monday night I have choir practice in La Canada and there is this track next to the building we practice in. The gate is always open so last night I figured I could go there and run a few times around and then go to choir, and that is exactly what I did! I ran 2 miles total around the track whilst jumping over little puddles from the rain. The second mile I did sprints and I am hoping that helps with my speed. I averaged a 10 minute mile, which is great for me! After about 3 laps I actually started getting really warm, so that cold weather wasn’t too bad.

Tonight I have all my stuff to go to the Rose Bowl and do some laps on my bike. It’s the closest thing I have to riding right now since all this rain has really put a damper on the weekends. I know it will be cold, but I am prepared with all my winter clothing attire, so it shouldn’t be too bad.

For now the sun is back out…only for today…little bit tomorrow…

untitled21But this weekend is looking bad :-/

Let me know if you have any tips for riding in the rain…because as I said before…I am NOT backing out of this weekends Tour de Palm Springs!

I think I live in Seattle

It has been raining for what seems like forever…last Thursday…

That’s a long time here in sunny Southern Cali! This is not what I have come to expect from this little corner of the world and I have to say that I am very disappointed. Last Thursday I wanted to go for a run but I couldn’t because it was pouring out. Saturday morning we got a break in the weather so I drove over to the Rose Bowl and ran my 3 mile loop, but it was sprinkling the entire time and my feet were pretty wet…HOWEVER…I had my Drymax socks on and my feet were not only dry…but warm…my shoes were actually flinging water each step I took but my feet were dry and comfortable. I am truly sold on these little gems!

George says it looks like I puked in the picture above, but it is just the wet ground and then some wet leaves. No worries…my 3 mile run did not make me puke…

I also got this cool picture when I went out with my mom later that day…poor downtown L.A. has a lot of clouds!


In addition to the crappy weather weekend we had, looks like it will be like this next weekend too…which is…my first event of 2009, The Tour de Palm Springs. The event is supposed to happen rain or shine, so I am just going to do it and hope for the best. I will get all of my winter gear together and just brave the elements because I AM NOT backing out of this one! Stupid rain and stupid global warming! Anyway, I am hoping that I can get out on my bike during the week since the weekend ended up being a bust. 

Winter sucks, and so does that groundhog that said we would have 6 more weeks of winter…meh!

1st Ever Rose Bowl Run

One day, I will look back on this post and giggle…because 3 miles will be nothing!

Yesterday, I decided I should go to the Rose Bowl for a run. Now, there is no actual running INSIDE the Rose Bowl…It is just sort of around it and a golf course:

I am also going to use this post to give my full report on Drymax socks, since this is really the first time I have run since I received the socks…quite a while ago…


I chose the trailrunning socks because they seem the warmest… My thing with any cycling products or running products, is that I know it is good when I don’t notice it. During my run last night…I never even THOUGHT about my feet! Which means…awesome socks! When you think about it, running socks are really important. Just like in cycling, your shoes and cleats are very important because that is the point of contact that moves the bike. In running, your feet get the most impact and connect to the ground. Having good socks that keep your feet protected is crucial to a good run.

So, onto my run…I got to the Rose Bowl around 5:30ish, stretched a bit and got started on my run:


I am not sure how all my clothes end up being black…guess I take after my mother…

So off I went…I started running and lately I have been watching these ChiRunning videos that one of the Pasadena Tri Club’s sponsors has, He had one video where he talked about attacking hills, he talked about taking shorter steps and think about standing tall and not hunch over. Each little hill that I got to during my run, I did exactly that and came up and over the hill just fine and ready to keep going. I got about half way through my run and I realized I was still running…I hadn’t stopped once to walk. Then I thought, “ya know, after this part…the rest is a slight downgrade…I bet I could run this whole thing!” and guess what? I did! I was so proud of myself! I think that could possibly the longest I have ever run and not stopped to walk. It took me 34 minutes to do, which means I was at an 11 minute pace. After looking at the map when I got home, I now have some markers that tells me when I hit each mile so I can start looking at my splits. 

I have to say that I went out there not knowing what to expect and I am really happy that I went out there and exceeding any expectation I had (which was not much).

Also, to wrap up on my Drymax sock report…when I got home I peeled off all my layers and each one was drenched with sweat…then I took my socks off…the socks were completely dry and so were my feet! So I will be using Drymax from here on out for all my runs!