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Busy Weekend & Pasadena Triathlon Basics

I have been really tired lately and am going to sleep in tomorrow! That’s right! I said it! But then I have to take the new kitten into the vet for shots and to schedule her spay surgery. So I have to drag my ass out of the house at some point….

Then, later in the evening…we are doing the super fun event that I am still NOT REVEALING! But it involves a celebrity, a subway & a free t-shirt! Trust me, I should have plenty of pictures to share tomorrow!

Then on Sunday we have the Pasadena Triathlon Club General Meeting. If you are in the area and are interested in finding out about the tri club, you can go to the PTC website and there is a box with the information in it below the pictures. 

Last night I met up with a fellow PTC member, Verna, and we did a 4 mile run through the trails near the Rose Bowl. Funny thing is I never knew these trails were there and they are neat. I had a hard time running in some of the sections because of the amount of rocks on the ground, but I was able to get a good run in! After the run we went the the PTC info meeting at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center to help out. There ended up being almost 70 people at the meeting, pretty much all doing the Pasadena Triathlon next Saturday and it will be their first triathlon ever. It was funny being at the first part of the meeting (I had to leave early) and seeing Craig, the info session organizer, talk about the different parts of the triathlon. The looks on their faces was priceless when he started talking about Yankx (cool shoe laces that you never have to tie), it was just going right over their heads….poor things…But it shot me back to when I first signed up with TNT, my biggest question was…WHAT DO YOU WEAR????? Now I have enough clothes to wear for tri’s that I could start a store… I am not sure if anyone doing the triathlon will make it to my website…but if you do here is a list of essentials for the Pasadena Triathlon (being specific here):

1. Running shoes

2. Socks

3. Swimsuit

4. Shorts

5. Bike

6. Helmet

7. Goggles

Here is what I suggest you do in regards to what you wear (especially if you do not have triathlon specific attire)


Swim trunks

– “Jammer” type shorts, which are like really tight boxer briefs with a little bit of length

– Swim shorts like you dad used to wear int he 80s 


– T-shirt or sports shirt (just cover up!)


Bathing Suit

Running shorts

T-shirt or running shirt

As for the order… Wear the swimming attire under everything! Women…if you are big busted wear a sports bra under your swimsuit for when you are running…it will get wet when you jump in the water but it will be ok and worth it. If I were a guy…I would wear my swim shorts as my running shorts, that way you just take off your shirt and shoes and get in the water.

And here are a couple points for etiquette:

1. If you pass someone on your bike, pass on the left and yell “on your left!” This is a way to tell someone you are there…

2. In the transition area, only take up a little square of space, this is not your bedroom… Folding a towel twice should be a good size….

3. No drafting! You will get kicked out! Drafting is when you ride right behind someone, always keep 2 bike spaces in front of you and the other rider.

4. Be nice to the volunteers, say hi and thank you when you can.

5. Be on time, nothing worse than a late triathlete.

I hope this helps for the people doing the Pasadena Triathlon, or any other reverse tri…clothing choices for regular triathlons are a bit different so ingore this if you are not doing a reverse tri…

If you have any burning questions, leave a comment or e-mail me at