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Saturday Ride

So I have been a lazy blogger…I know…oh well….

On Saturday George and I awoke bright and early for our weekly PTC ride. Actually, George goes weekly, I go monthly…maybe…if that….

The plan was to do the Resolution Ride that we did New Years weekend, and we sort of did…just with some variations. We left Sierra Madre right at 7:30AM, I was able to stay with the group for about 2.5 seconds…then we hit the first hill and I was TOAST! Everyone left me behind (even George…although he redeemed himself later). Marvin had route sheets (thanks Marvin!) so I had a general idea of where I was going. But then Marvin hung back a bit and I was able to stick with him and this other guy (who I can’t remember his name) until Descanso. Going up that first hill I started to get a little peeved when I was all by myself…I believe it went like this in my head “if I wanted to ride alone…I didn’t have to drive all the way out to Sierra freakin Madre!” It was a bit defeating, but the fact that Marvin hung back was a bit of a pick-me-up.

We get to Descanso Gardens and I see George again, from there on he never left my side…even through all the bitching I was doing up Linda Vista. Once we met up again, we decided to make a bit of our own ride but meeting at certain points with the group. This actually worked out very well and I am glad we did it this way. We also stopped by my house for a  pit stop because it just so happened that we rode our bikes right by my house! Before we left, we made a game plan that would include some vicious hills, but George knew I could do them. The first one was Glenoaks, which is a very short climb, but probably a 7% grade. The real highlight of this hill (as with most hills) is the SLAMMIN downhill! Once over that little hump, we headed up Chevy Chase, up to Linda Vista, to Lida and down to the Rose Bowl. The climb up Linda Vista SUCKED and SUCKED even more when the 12 year old kid on his mountain bike zoomed past me! I believe the mumbling up this hill was “I wish I had a flying carpet that could pick me up and drop me off at the top!” I really don’t know where I get these things…delusion….

We get to the top and my reward was a piece of PB&J and George had packed, AWESOME! I really think that this is the best thing to have on a ride, nothing like some good ‘ol carbs, sugar and protein to get the body perked up again! while we were up there a few PTCers showed up, Haroon, Linda, Nicole, Greg, Bryan and Udy. They take off and we follow, this was another SLAMMIN downhill, I got up to 38 or 39 mph and I made the little speed sign blink, awesome….

The route called for us to go into the bowl, but I really didn’t see why we needed to do that, so we stayed on Linda Vista and decided that we would do the Holly St. climb up to Orange Grove. This was another short and steep hill, 7% to 8% grade. We get up that hill and I can feel my legs fatiguing a little. Once on Orange Grove we started heading back to Sierra Madre. we get back to the cyclist corner I got a sandwich and it was goooooood. I call it the cyclist corner, because every weekend there are a TON of cyclists. The residents hate it, but they are stupid.

Overall it was a 30 mile ride and it was a lot of fun. It had its challenging moments, but nothing I couldn’t handle! Not sure if I am getting any better, I am still slow on the uphills, but I don’t stop which can be said for something I guess.

Then last night I did a 2.5 mile run, I am starting to venture a bit farther and I wrote down my splits for once, they were:

Mile 1- 10:49

Mile 2-12:53

Last .5 – 6:05

Mile 2 was especially long because I was going uphill the whole time and had to do some serious walking. I also headed up this other big hill near my house because I wanted to get home faster. I figured, I could take the somewhat long way around, or fight the shorter steeper hill. I went for the shorter steeper hill and it felt good, I ran most of the way and then just flew down the downhill and up to the house. I really like my new shoes, they have the level of cushion that I was looking for. Who knows, might buy another pair just to keep around since I like the old model and they will be in short supply soon.

Once again, took pictures, but camera cord is MIA and haven’t really taken the time to search for it.