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Magic Mountain Man Olympic Distance Triathlon Race Report

When PTC announced that Magic Mountain Man would be a club race, George and I decided to make it our first Olympic distance triathlon. At the time, the bike course was a point to point and it wasn’t too intimidating. Not only did we get it for a good price ($86) it was close to home (so we could sleep in our own bed) and we knew there would be some fellow club members racing the event. So back in August we took the plunge and signed up!

Fast forward to last week. For my birthday we went to Disneyland on Sunday. By Monday evening I started to feel a little tickle in my throat that eventually became a sore throat. On my actual birthday, Tuesday, I already had the day off from work and relaxed. Wednesday I turned into a mess and couldn’t even go to work. I was coughing, stuffed up and was hoping the little rest I would get would help. I didn’t leave the house at all on Wednesday and was loading up with Airborne and cough medicine.Thursday I was able to go to work, but still a bit of a hot mess. I was getting worried that I wouldn’t be able to race on Sunday, but I just stayed positive. By Friday and Saturday, I still had symptoms but they were manageable. When I heard that Chrissie Wellington dropped out of Kona because of a cold, I thought maybe I should do the same. But I realized how detrimental a cold would be for a professional athlete and at an Ironman race. I knew my race would be hard, but I finally decided I would just go for it and deal with the consequences later (potentially getting even more sick).

In addition to being sick, I was a little concerned about my nutrition. I knew this race would take me at least 3 to 4 hours to complete and I had never done a triathlon for that long before. About two weeks before I asked Nancy (club member and Ironman athlete, also does a lot of longer distance stuff) what I would need. She knew I would need some kind of substance, like a clif bar, and a few gels and of course lots of water. I took her advice, more on that later.

Sunday morning I woke up at 4:30AM, last bite of food was in my mouth by 5AM. I made sure to have a pretty good size breakfast, since at Nautica I didn’t eat enough and right before the race I was starving. We got to the race site at 6:15ish and parked, got all our stuff together and headed over to transition. Sport Chalet was the premier sponsor for this race and New Balance was the presenting sponsor. They were out in full force and they even had an area for athletes if you were wearing New Balance shoes. This area included dedicated porta potties and some food items (coffee!). It just so happens that I run in New Balance, so I had access to all this goodness! It was so nice being treated  like a VIP…I could get used to it. Also, Sport Chalet has really stepped up their game in terms of Triathlon gear. Would I go to it now for things? No…but it is good for the beginner athlete that doesn’t know a thing about triathlons and needs all the basics.

The race was pretty small, so transition was manageable. I found a nice little place to rack my bike and got set up. There were about 40 women that competed in the Olympic distance, a small showing, but it was a tough race and not one for the faint of heart. At 7am the long distance folks headed off around 730 we headed down to the beach. Got in the water (a nice 68 degrees) and got acclimated. By 7:45 we were at the beach start and they gave us a few instructions on the swim. By 8am the buoys had been reset and the 1st of 4 waves were off. George was in that first wave, so I made sure to give him a good luck kiss and off he went. Then the 2nd wave went off, then it was all the women in the 3rd wave all 3 minutes apart. There was one more wave behind the women, and that was the race.

So off the women went in the 3rd wave, and I was right along with them! We got into the water and started swimming. The first few meters were fine, but then we started getting into this part of the lake that had a mini under water forest. I started to get a little freaked out and then I got a lot freaked out when I got tangled up in this stringy mesh kelp kind of thing and it felt like it was attacking me and I really didn’t want this to be the end of the race so I swam to the side and got out of it! Major panic attack! I kept going and it really felt like I would never get to that first buoy. I finally did and turned and from that point on I just swam. I hardly stopped, just focused on what Alex and Amanda over at Formula H2o had been telling me (head down, maximize stroke, grab a lot of water, etc.) and swam the rest of the way. The arch on the beach felt like it was closer than it really was, I caught up to some people in the 2nd wave and eventually caught up to people even in the first wave and out of the water I went up the hill to transition.

T-1 was fairly uneventful, I took my time and got everything together. I wore cycling gloves for this race because I knew I would be out on the bike for a while. So had to struggle to get those on… before the race I had loaded up my bento box with 3 gels and a mini clif bar. I had 2 bottles of water (1 water & 1 HEED). Got everything on, and started to run out. Heard Lisa and another PTCer cheering me on, I distinctly remember Lisa because of her cowbell! Then off I went on the bike…

Oh, the bike…where do I start…well, here is the elevation chart –

A couple weeks before the race they announced that they were able to have one transition area at Castaic Lake, no more point to point. While that is very convenient….they had to update the bike course and they came up with that little doozy. Overall it was 4,000 feet of climbing over 24 miles and it was killer. The first 7 miles are up hill (around a 4-5% grade) then you drop down 4 miles, only to come up that 4 miles (around a 7-8% grade, sometimes maxing out at 13%) then drop down another 1.5 miles and come back up that. The first 7 mile climb felt pretty good, and went by pretty quickly. At about 4 miles in I started to feel this weird feeling in my glute, I should preface this by saying that I never get cramps, well…it at some point I realized it was more than just a funny feeling…it was a cramp. Got off, stretched a bit, got back on and kept going. Was fine for the rest of the climb and dropped down the 4 mile descent. At this point, I knew that there wasn’t going to be any water until after this 4 mile climb. I had been rationing water up to this point and was a little concerned. I was hoping I would get a surprise and there would be water at the bottom of the 4 mile descent, but no go. So I had to do the climb with what I had. It was a very hot day and I really struggled to get through that climb. I needed more water and at that point I was very upset at the race organizers for not putting water at the bottom of that hill. I had to stop a number of times to stretch out my glute, at one point laying down on the ground to really get in a good stretch. I finally made it up that miserable hill and took my last little bit of water. I was completely out at this point, and the temperature must have been lingering around 85 – 90 degrees. I got to the bottom of the short decent where the aid station was a pulled up to 2 girls working the station. When I pulled up, I said I needed WATER (imagine someone crawling on the desert gasping for air) and they ran over and assisted me. One girl grabbed my bottle and filled it up with HEED, the other gave me a bottle that I chugged down. She also filled up my water bottle and gave me 4 endurolytes. I had a few on me, but I am glad she gave me the 4. I finally recovered a bit and left the aid station, completely grateful for those 2 volunteers. Climbed the last little hill and started my 7 mile descent back to transition. When I got to the top, I was so happy! I used some of my new water to put on my head and face, it felt amazing! At that moment, I was so happy to almost be done with the bike. Now I just had to get down safely. There were some viscous cross winds on some of the switch backs and I was getting tossed around. It was a little tricky, but I made it down safely.

T – 2 had even more cheering PTCers! Had my feet out of my shoes and made for an easy dismount. Ran through and got to my stuff. Reloaded my container with endurolytes, put the left over clif bar in my back pocket (took a bite on the bike ride) and another gel. I was out fairly quickly on my way to the run. Got to the first station and a little boy threw water on my back, awesome kid! The run, for the most part, was uneventful. Just so you know, it takes an hour and 30 minutes to walk a 10k. I was just surviving at this point and trying not to over do it. Through most of the race so far my cold hadn’t really been an issue. I felt some tightness in my chest on the bike, but by the time I got to the run is when it really kicked up. I would feel some tightness in my chest, cough a bit and hack up some lovelys. It was hot, I was using the water at each station to dunk myself. I had a bottle of water that I was using for drinking and just sort of jogged/walked most of it. It was 2 loops and a pretty decent run course, no complaints from me. There were a lot of people walking and everyone was just trying to be supportive. It was a tough run, but I managed through it.

A LONG time later….I was finally done! I don’t think times are really relevant for this course, unless you are super fast….I think it is more about completing it. It was challenging at all levels and I sure picked a hell of an Olympic to do as my first! (George too) Now, whatever Olympic race we do, we will PR. Overall, I did great on my nutrition and stayed pretty hydrated. I had 2 gels out on the bike and the 3rd on the run. When I was on the run I actually got a little hunger pain and remembered the rest of my clif bar and gobbled that down. So thanks Nancy for the great advice!

After the race we went to the quiet PTC tent and relaxed. I grabbed a couple of burritos from the VIP New Balance tent and shared with George…those got scarfed down. Jose gave us some nice watermelon and we relaxed for a bit. It was a little ironic, I was craving a soda and all they had were diet drinks. I was thinking to myself this is the LAST group you give diet drinks to, we need the sugar and the calories! Whoever went out and bought the drinks, FAIL.

I ended up placing 1st out of 2 for Athena…and if I would have raced my age group I would have placed 3rd. So either way I would have had a podium…but I wasn’t that excited about it because the group was so small.

George and I got home, showered, relaxed for a bit and then went to dinner. We had a dinner for champions, 2 big beers and a veggie pizza (add sausage and pepperoni! haha)

Everyone in the club did well, we all finished. It was a great race and well put together. I encourage more people to come out for it next year and really test yourself! Today i am very sore, stairs are my enemy and I am still sick. It is definitely in my chest now…just going to drink a lot of water and after work today…REST!


Castaic Triathlon Race Report

George and I decided that we wanted to participate in a small tri in Santa Clarita. It was relatively cheap ($55) and was local (actually used less gas than going to Zuma). We knew it wouldn’t be chip timed, but it is always good to get out there and do the events back to back just for the training.

So we were up bright and early on Saturday morning, got the car packed up and headed out to Santa Clarita. There was a little confusion on the directions, but we didn’t get too far before we realized that the directions on the website were wrong. They had copied pasted from the main website that told people where to launch their boats from and we actually needed the beach area. We eventually got there and didn’t lose much time. I “quickly” got my bag together and we were off to the registration desk. I say “quickly” because I kept forgetting things, and had to unlock and lock the doors a few times before I was really ready. Once we registered, we found a spot in transition and racked our bikes next to Eddy. George and Eddy know each other from a while ago when they worked together. Eddy had been doing triathlons and we told him about PTC and now he is a member and comes out to the bricks every week. So we had our own little PTC part of the rack. We chatted for a bit, listened to the pre-race announcements and then headed to the water. I was in the 1st wave and George was a few waves back. Here is how it went!

SWIM – 7:20

I placed myself in the middle and front, note to self…bad idea… I should have placed myself at the front on the inside but it was a little too crowded when I got there. But oh well, I know better for next time now. Anyway, I start off fast and poop out fast as well. It doesn’t help that a specific person in a pink swim cap kept doing zig zags in front of me. Each time she turned I had to stop and wait for her to realize what she was doing. So hopefully one day she learns how to sight! And by the way, it wasn’t me that was zig zagging because I was sighting the bouy and she was making the zig zags in my line of sight. Right of bouy, left of bouy, etc… Get to the end, stand up and I hit some rocks. It was a little annoying and I stumble out of the water in 7:2o. The swim was about 350 meters.


I have no idea how long it took me. But it went smoothly and I was on my way on the bike. Here is a blurry pic of me coming out of transtion. We actually were able to mount in transition, which made for an intersting transition.

Casatic Tri_01

Bike – 35:21

The bike was 10 miles with some nice long surprising hills in there. The description on their website was that we would be doing a 2 mile loop through a prison. I was like, WHAT??? Well, this should be interesting! Turns out it wasn’t bad at all, it is one of those “nice” prisons that the inmates have to earn to get there. Since this was not a USAT race, at some of the points toward the end I drafted a few girls that were clumping in front of me. I figured if they couldn’t move to the right…then I could draft them! Saw Eddy and George on the bike and made sure to say hi. I actually saw George from a bit of a distance, but I recognized his pedal stroke! I guess when you ride with someone enough you start to recognize it…just like I know his walk.


Once again…no idea how long this took. But threw the running shoes on and was off. I also clipped my pedometer and my metronome to my race belt so I was able to use both during the run.

Run – 35ish minutes

Running with the metronome was great! When I was on the bike I was averaging an 85-90 cadence, then I start the run and my metronome is set to about the same. And guess what? My legs moved so much easier on the run because I was at the same cadence. Usually on race day I end up walking the first part of the run because I just can’t muster up the strength to run, but this time…I was running! Toward the end of my run I see that same girl that was zig zagging in front of me at the swim and I KNEW I had to finish in front of her! So I really kicked it into high gear and ran the rest of the way in really fast and never looked back, but I know I finished before her…phew!

Total time: 1:18

Once I ran in, I ran up to transition to get my camera. Realized I forgot my camera and all I had was my camera phone but got back in time to get a shot of George coming in:

Eddy had finished right behind me so I missed taking a picture of him, but made sure to get one of George and Eddy together after George finished.

Then George got a picture of me sporting my Team Go Smart gear!

Okay, so…TECHNICALLY I got first in Athena…but don’t praise me yet… I was the only competitor! But I stuck around so that I could get my medal, mostly as a memento. However, I did check the results from the last tri they did for this series and there was one girl registered for Athena on that one….well….I beat her! So if you look at both races, I took 1st. Whatever….I just wanted the medal! HA! And while we were waiting for the medal, I camped out next to what I always gravitate too at the end of a race-


So anyway, that was our race and we had a good time and I am glad we did it. Today George and I relaxed and we will start more training this week. Our next event is the Nautica Malibu Triathlon in a little over a month and we are really going to focus on that one now. I hope you had a great weekend!

Casatic Tri_02

Strawberry Fields Triathlon Race Report

Every time I start a blog post that has a lot of information, I always ask myself… “where do I start???”  Often there is so much to say and report that the hardest part is starting. So here I go…

Friday night I had most of my things packed. When I brought my dog, Toto, in I noticed that he didn’t want to eat and was walking around a lot. I have seen this from him before and it is due to his liver shunt. Basically, he cannot break down heavy proteins, such as meat, in his liver and his liver treats it like a toxin. Sometimes these toxins go into his brain and he can’t stop moving his front legs. For the most part I have been able to control these “episodes” but it just so happened that Friday was a really hot day and he should have come in from outside but didn’t. Therefore, he was in one of his episodes and it carried through the night. I forced water in him on a regular basis using a small dropper but even on Saturday morning he was still not doing well. The original plan for Saturday was to wake up at 8, get gas, wash the car, go to EZ Lube to check the fluid levels on my car and then get going to Oxnard so that we could get in the water, do a quick ride, then check out the run course. The new plan became, call the vet, go to the vet, wait for the vet, talk to the vet and walk out with $60 less in my pocket. He honestly couldn’t do much, but he gave me some natural medication for Toto that would help his liver function better as well as clean out any toxins that were in there. Once that was all done, I finally was able to get all the car stuff done but we were WAY behind schedule and it didn’t look like we would be able to do anything in Oxnard other than pick up our registration packets. Toto eventually started to snap out of it and I left him with my parents for the night. He ended up sleeping for most of the time I was gone because he was still recovering from the 24+ hours of walking around the day before.

I can tell you now, that that was the worst part of the weekend and it all picked up from there!

We made it out to Oxnard and went to the expo. We got our packets and also picked up a couple of race belts and some nutrition. I already had a race belt…but didn’t like it (and forgot it). So I picked up this one:

It has these two snaps that you just push through the bib and it worked out SO much better than my other one…so look soon because that will be going on my Creature Comforts page!

While there we ran into almost all the fellow PTCers that would be racing with us,Eddy, Gail, Neil, Monica, Jamie, and Amy. We chatted a little bit and then we all went over to check into our hotel since we were all staying at the same place.

Once we unloaded at Casa Via Mar, we headed over to George’s grandparents house for dinner since they live in Oxnard. Since George is part Italian, we had a good home cooked Italian meal and it was delicious! Including his grandmothers FAMOUS meatballs! I also ended up meeting George’s uncle and his family since they stopped by while we were there. We had lots of fun and it was nice seeing George’s grandparents. We left there about 7pm and headed back to get settled for the night. For whatever reason our bodies were telling us that we were tired, I think they knew what they would be doing the next day 😀

It was a bit of a struggle to finally fall asleep, Curious Case of Benjamin Button was on and I really like that movie, so I had to force myself to stop watching! The next morning George was up at 4am and I slept till about 4:45am. We got ready and we were out the door by 5:30am and we rode to the start which was 2 miles from the hotel. Gail snapped this photo of George and I as we were leaving, I can’t believe our smile is so big considering it is 530am!

So we were on our way! The ride over to transition was nice and only took us a few minutes. We also were able to pass all the people waiting to get into the parking lot, sweet! Once we got there, we set up in transition, got body marked, pre race potty, and then walked over to say hi to David over at the booth. David snapped this one before the race:

We quickly realized they were shutting transition down, which George still isn’t happy about, so we quickly ran in and got our stuff and headed to the beach. The water looked good, waves were okay and I cheered on as fellow PTCers entered the water. I was the one of the last waves and went off around 7:45.

So here is how it went!

SWIM – 1/4 of a mile

Ran in the water, dove under a few waves, popped up, started swimming, started to wheez and couldn’t catch my breath. That was basically the story for the whole swim. I was having a REALLY hard time getting any breath and I am not sure if it was because I went out too fast, or if the water was cold, or what…but it sucked but I just kept moving! I also took my asthma medicine before the race, but maybe I should have taken more…it sort of sucks not being able to take my inhaler in the water because I could have used it.

Overall swim time was 16:02


Grabbed my bike, got dirt EVERYWHERE and headed off.

T1 time – 3:12 (best time ever)

BIKE – 12 Miles

Guess what? We rode through Strawberry Fields! Must be where they got their name from…in case you didn’t know. The bike was interesting this time around, I tucked down in areo and for the most part, held my own. Didn’t get passed too much (only by the insanely fast guys!) and did a lot of passing…so that was kind of cool. About 4 miles into it I grabbed my water bottle and hit the end of my handle bar and my plug flew off. I saw it go, said “oh, crap” but then kept moving because it just wasn’t worth it to stop. Now note this instance because it comes up again…

About half way through the bike I start to feel headachey…and a little nauseous. So I drank some more water and didn’t push too hard. At one point it was almost unbearable, so I sat up and took my gel that I had on me then gulped some water. George had told me he read somewhere that gulping the water is better than taking sips because if there is a large amount of water that goes down, your body treats it like food and digests it faster. This is good so that the water doesn’t slosh around in your stomach. Within minutes of doing this I felt TONS better and rode back into transition.

Overall bike time – 40:58

T2 – I come into T2, I see a couple of PTC cheerers and I pretend to fall…that was kind of funny and I am interested to see how that picture came out! I start running toward my area and there is a lady standing there that is with the crew and I am thinking…”get the hell out of my way!” Then she asks me if I am 712, I say that I am and she then asks me if I wanted to quit. They had gotten a report that 712 wanted to quit because her bike was falling apart. I said, “well, my plug came off…but it wasn’t THAT bad!” Anyway…that took some time and was a little annoying.

T2 time – 1:45

Run – 3.2 Miles

What can I say about the part that I hate the most. I am slow, I have to walk but I get through it…so there ya go! Running in the Zoot’s was nice and very easy to put on. We actually ran through a neighborhood of beach houses and some people were even outside spraying us with water. I ran under a couple and thanked them. About halfway into the run I noticed a commotion ahead of me and saw this guy being held up by people. I would assume he bonked because you could tell his body wouldn’t even support him anymore. I kept running by since it looked like he was being taken care of. That was the most exciting thing about the run. I then started to sprint to the finish, realized I had started too soon and had to slow down a bit when I got the the actual finish. But everyone who had finished before me was out cheering and that was a lot of fun.

Overall run time – 38:16

OVERALL TIME – 1:40:13

Once done we headed straight toward the PTC tent and I inhaled a bagel!

I was really hungry…

George did really well too! He did the whole thing in 1:28:29 and beat his goal of finishing below 1:30! yay George!

It was nice having a bunch of PTC people there, catching up on the race and discussing some things that occured. This was also our time for a group photo op!

Aren’t we sexy!?!?!?!

David and team (Thom & Bruce) were also SUPER wonderful, they had an amazing spread of food and goodies for us after the race-

It is this kind of support that makes it great to be part of a club that takes care of their team members! Thanks guys!

The organizers of the event had this really cool system of being able to look up your times on computers they had, instead of the papers posted to a wall that don’t make any sense. So we went over and I found out that I placed 2nd in Athena! I was really excited and we HAD to stick around so that I could get my medal, so we packed up our stuff and found a spot in the grass while we waited, and waited, and waited for my name to finally be called.

Here I am walking up to get my medal-


And here I am on the hay stack with my official silver medal-

I met the girl that got 1st place before the race. She actually works at Disney and is also on the Disney Tri Team with George! The triathlon world is very small…

David also got a closeup of me with my medal-

It was all really exciting and I thought it was a great race. They had 2010 sign ups there for $55 and I was very tempted…but decided not to sign up just yet.

Great race! Great results! Great people! Good times!

IronGirl Triathlon Race Report

Another one in the bag! And by far the HARDEST tri I have done to date!


Early Friday morning George, Kara and myself got into the Jeep and headed out to Vegas. It is about a 4 hour drive and because George and I drink water regularly….we had to stop and pee a lot :-/ We got into Henderson right at noon, since it was lunch time we searched for an In-N-Out and found one! Now, for those of you that do not have the pleasure of knowing what In-N-Out is…well…it is the BEST DAMN BURGER….EVER! I can’t even describe it, it is just wonderful and cheap. Once we stuffed ourselves with our tasty lunch, we headed to the expo. We got a good parking spot and headed in to pick up our packets. The expo was small, but really had everything that I wanted…free stuff 🙂 A lot of the expos we go to there are just a bunch of useless booths that I rather not bother with. This expo trimmed all those away and just left the good ones. I picked up some Yankx because I never really got any for my new shoes and Kara got a Iron-Girl t-shirt. Speaking of t-shirts, we also picked up our event shirt and it is really a great shirt! It is a women’s fit technical t-shirt and it looks cool. Once we were done there we decided we should go for a little ride of the course, so we all changed and got on our bikes. I wasn’t sure how far we would be able to go because it was the middle of the day and it was almost 100 degrees. Sure enough, we made it to the top of the big hill and we all decided to head back. Here is where it got fun! Kara and I wanted to swim in the lake to get a feel for it but we weren’t sure where we could access the beach. So we walked through the hotel and George followed a hotel employee bringing towels into the pool area and BAM! we had access to the beach! We stole grabbed a couple of towels and decided to get into the water. It was a little chilly so I went and got our wetsuits, Kara hadn’t swam in hers yet so this was a great opportunity to try it out. After suiting up we got into the water and started our swim. George jumped into the paddle boat because he was scared of the  fish in case Kara and I needed any help while swimming in the lake. I swam for a bit in my wetsuit…but I really hate wearing my wetsuit. So I jumped in the paddle boat and took the dang thing off and hopped back in the water. The shock of the cold was a little much at first, but then I got used to it and I was ok. I swam to the other side of the lake and then took the paddle boat back with George, Kara swam back (over achiever). We got back to the little beach and decided we should walk the transition from the water to the transition area. We started walking, and kept walking, and there was more walking….needless to say it was a good 1/4 of a mile to get to transition. As we were walking we realized that this whole run would be barefoot, on asphalt, in Vegas…uhhhmmmm…HOT! So that is when we made the decision to get some sort of throw away shoes that we could throw on and then run up the little hill. We piled back into the car and headed toward the only logical place, Wal-Mart. Now, I can probably count the amount of times I have been to a Wal-Mart on one hand. There just aren’t any here in the L.A. area so I don’t really go. We headed in all wearing our tri gear so we looked a little silly but whatever…so did everyone else in their white trash  weird clothes. We ended up finding some fake crocs for a $1, awesome! Kara actually found these moo-moo slippers and it turned out they weren’t $1, but she talked the cashier into giving them to her for a $1….sneaky sneaky! Btw, these shoes ended up becoming VERY handy all day Saturday. Once our adventure at Wal-Mart was complete we headed over to the hotel to check in and get ready for din-din. Kara had a couple of friends in the area, so she went to dinner with them. George and I ended up at a restaurant in a casino that we had gotten a gift certificate to. The place was great, the staff was nice and the food was good! That turned out to be a great pick for a pre-race dinner. We then headed back to the hotel and I fell asleep at 8:30 for a 4AM wake up.


So I really didn’t wake up until 4:15AM, but we were ready and out the door by 4:50 and got to transition by 5:15. Standard pre-race stuff…just no pre-race potty 😦 that sort of bummed me out a bit…. We headed down to the swim start to watch the Olympic people go, got in the water for a bit and warmed up. Once they were all gone we headed to the coral area. I have to say that this race was really well organized and pleasant. The only weird thing was that instead of having a gun start…it was this weird recording of the Aflac duck saying “Aflac!” and no one knew what to do when they heard it, they sort of moved but then rocked back, it was weird.


Setting up my transition area



Walking to the swim start


Oh what a beautiful mornin!


Me and Kara



Thats me on the far right

So we were off onto the swim, I ended up wearing the wetsuit because I was a little cold, I guess it worked out well but I probably would have liked it without the wetsuit as well. During the swim there was some confusion on where to go, the race director at the start told us to keep to the left along the golf course and then when we got out there the kayak people made us go around this other buoy. I am not really sure who was right….so my wave might have done a little extra on the swim. 20 minutes later the swim in done, run out of the water strong, they have a towel for us (thanks!) and I start my long run to transition. Found my $1 crocs, almost grabbed the wrong ones, and kept running up. 





 This is me in transition, I have my helmet on, still wearing my wetsuit and I can guarantee that I have my socks on. I need to practice my transitions a little more…IMG_4792_2

See George, he is taking photos, wave…smile….keep running. There were some volunteers offering to help take off our wetsuits, I passed and just ran to my transition area. While I still had my wetsuit half way on and sat down and started putting my socks on…total DUH moment! So had to back track and take the wetsuit off, slapped my cycling shoes on, helmet, sunglasses and was off. Not a bad transition time!



Off on the bike


Head out to the bike, right away there is a hill. I take my time on it and fly down the down hill to make up my time. Then I get to the big ass hill, get into my granny gear, sit up and start climbing. This was a less than flat ride, it was down right HILLY! I feel like I did okay on this. If I were stronger on hills I probably would have done better. Nothing too exciting here to report so i will move on.



Threw bike on rack, got sneakers and hat ran out.





THE RUN FROM HELL IN HELL! This was the worst run in the history of runs! The minute I left transition I immediately started to walk. It was straight uphill to the trails and then on the trails it was more hills. I can’t even begin to tell you how horrible it was. When I got to the Mile 1 sign I felt like stopping it was so bad. I couldn’t believe I was only one freakin mile into this hell hole. Fortunately, there was a water station at each mile. At the first water station they had sponges, water and Gatorade…took all three. Then at mile 2 more water and a splash by one of the volunteers. Between mile 2 and 3 I fell…There were these HUGE rocks on the trail and I am not good with rocks. So sure enough I hit one and my ankle gave out and down I went. I sort of sat there for a second as I rocked back up and then I started running again, but soon walked. I wanted to make sure I didn’t hurt anything….At mile 3 was the last water station and they were yelling that it was all down hill from there, and it was. I was so happy and I started running and didn’t stop till the finish line, I wanted it to be over! I sprinted through the finish (like I always do) and it felt good. 


.5 Mile Swim: 21:38

T1: 5:05

10 Mile Bike: 41:21

T2: 1:19

3.2 Mile run: 43:26 

Total time- 1:52:49

Overall Place: 252 out of 1060

Division Place: 39/78

As soon as I was done I found George and headed right to the brunch. I ate my weight in fruit, had a bagel, yogurt, breakfast sandwich, and some juice. I think I did something to the arch of my foot when I fell, so that has been in pain for the past couple of days.

When we were all done with the race, we went back to the hotel, checked out and headed toward Lake Mead. We met Kara’s friends who has a boat and we hung out at the lake for a few hours. Kara’s friend took us out on the boat and we rode over to see the Hoover Dam. It was so beautiful out and such a great day. Around 4PM we headed back to L.A. and got home around 8:30PM. George and I pigged out on some pizza, then went immediately home and knocked out! 

It was one of those weekends when nothing went wrong and everything seemed to go right. I could have not asked for a better quick getaway, however…I could have done without that run.

More photos:

LuLu Lemon Spring Kick Off Race Report

A couple weeks back I signed up for this event, not really knowing what it was about. I just knew that there would be prizes involved and specifically LuLu Lemon products which I know are nice but have a hard time parting with $50 for a top. I was going to be missing a PTC ride, one that I really wanted to do, so I knew I had to make this little event worth it.

It was held at the LuLu Lemon store at the Americana at Brand in Glendale. It was set up as an Amazing Race sort of thing, so when we got clues we had to do a challenge to get the next clue. Because the Americana is only 3 miles away, I decided to ride my bike. So I got down there early to sign in and the lovely employees allowed me to park my bike in the back. This was greatly apprciated since I usually get someone with attitude when I want to park my bike. I actually had one guy once tell me to take it off the rug because of all the “oils” on the tire. I then proceeded to tell him that I have my shoes on the rug…maybe I should take those off! Moving on! So I had some time to kill so I headed over to Coffee Bean and got myself a coffee and bagel…mmmm…

Once my belly was full I headed over to some yoga mats set up near the fountain and took my place. We sat there for a bit, and this one lady started to complain a little bit (seemed to me she was cold)…but I had my cycling jacket on so I was quite warm (blocked the wind). We got a run down of how it would go down and then we did some yoga stuff with this guy. As mentioned before in my blog, I don’t really like yoga. But I liked this guy because he was really fast paced and would call out the moves so there wasn’t any time to go on about a waterfall somewhere in my head… Once that was done they told us our first clue was under our yoga mat, I grabbed it, ripped it open and ran to the first one.


Sidenote: Once reason I did well in the race was because I am very familiar with all the stores at the Americana…not sure if that is good or bad yet…

The first one consisted of me standing on this thing-


First we just had to stand on it for 60 seconds, then do some other poses for 60 seconds each, I was doing fine until she said to close our eyes…each time I would do a pose I would just stare at a spot and I could hold my balance but once I closed my eyes I was screwed and this is the only one that I actually failed on 😦 so I had to start my 60 seconds over again for the shutting of the eyes pose, that sucked…but didn’t slow me down too bad. We then got our next clue which was to go to the cooking store (in so many words). Got there, got my clue and moved on to the next one. This next one was a toughy and I am still feeling it today. The “bootcamp” people had the next one, so I had to sprint to a lamp post, then side step to another lamp post, then back pedal to a tree and side step to where I started. Not too bad…next was to do walking lunges to the tree and back (pooey) THEN do bear crawls to the tree and back (BIGGER POOEY) then 20 push-ups (ugh). This one kicked my butt, but I plan to include then into my regular training because I am sore in places that I need to be sore in, so that is good!

The next stop was at the movie theater, we had to learn this dance and then perform it. Was easy to learn, but this slowed me down because we each had to take a turns to show it to the instructor and so there was a little bit of standing around….If I would have been a bit more aggressive on this challenge, I may have won the whole thing. Once that was done I headed over to the next challenge which was doing a series of yoga poses on each side 3 sets total. You can tell I am a little tired here and really don’t want to do yoga poses…look at the girl in the grey sweater in the middle…and look at me…hilarious!


I did my 3 sets and got my next clue. I ran over to the Crumbs bakery, and got my final clue which was to go to the finish.


I realize why my feet hurt when I run…look at that foot hitting the ground! Bad form!

When running to Crumbs I heard this one girl behind me and had to push, we got our clues around the same time and had to race to the finish. Thats her in the sweatshirt behind me…


I heard her behind me and almost jumped over the bushes, but opted for safety and just side stepped them. I got to the door with her right on my tail and got 2nd place! WOO HOO! 

I really feel like all my training helped me with this (oddly) because I was able to run from each challenge to the next. Even after the physical one, I still ran because I had that extra push and then I sprinted at the end because I always do that at my races. Because I won 2nd place I got the following:

1 LuLu Lemon Top ($48)

A LuLu Lemon Yoga Mat ($50)

And a personal session of pilates at The Pilates Body in Kenneth Village in North Glendale.

I was SO excited because #1 Lulu Lemon stuff is expensive and #2 I have been wanting to do Pilates for a while and this is my chance!

They had treats for us at the end, and getting my yoga mat home was a little interesting being that I was on my bike. Overall, it was a great experience and if they do it again I will sign up and go for first!


By the way, another advantage I had was that I was in better shape than I thought! Many of the other people ended up walking from challenge to challenge because they got tired after the first sprint. Where I was able to go in a dead sprint from each challenge. Also, George had a good point yesterday when we were talking…is that overall we are better off than most of society. We may not be the fastest but we have a good amount of fitness that we consistently keep up. We also compare ourselves to many people in the Pasadena Tri Club that have done Ironman’s! So with them we feel inadequate, but we are comparing ourselves to less than 2% of the population, so I think we are doing a good job, even if we don’t always come in 1st.

I will also have my race report for the Pasadena Marathon Bike Tour…and oh boy… is that a race report!

2009 Pasadena Triathlon Race Report

First of all, I would like to display my results! No…I did not podium….BUT I got in the top 10!  (in the Athena division that is)


So a couple things you might ask when looking at my results…

#1 Why is your run so slow? 

Because I can’t run for sh*t

#2 Why is your bike so slow?

Because coming into T2 I had, what I will call, THE CRAMP FROM THE DEVIL….I will elaborate later.

#3 Why is your swim pretty good?

Because I can swim really well 🙂

Lets start from the beginning….George was volunteering, so he got there nice and early at 5AM to do volunteer stuff, I arrived at 7 which was plenty of time for me to set up, pre-race potty and warm up. Now, the day before when George was volunteering he had met the race director and somehow got on the subject about if they had someone to sing the national anthem…(actually, George was doing some very shameless plugging…thanks hunny!) Brennen, the race director, said he hadn’t and George offered me up…one problem…they didn’t have a stage…or a microphone at the start. I was a tad weary about this the day before and that morning I ended up going up to Brennen and told him…lets book it for next year when you have a stage and microphone 🙂 I just knew it would be hard for anyone to focus with me standing on the street singing my little heart out over all the chit chat…so next year…look out for me! 

After getting my good luck kiss from George I headed over to the start. I got in the front because I knew that it would be a mass start and I didn’t want to lose time fighting the crowds. I also knew all the people I was standing around would fly past me, which they did, but I stayed to the right and got out of their way! The run went well, I had a few walking points, but not too bad…took me 35 min which is what I expected and that includes the extra time getting to the transition area. Here I am toward the end of the run, obviously I did not know the photographer was there-



Two things about this picture:

#1 Notice the green cup…I ran most of the 2nd half with this damn thing because I feel just horrible littering…fortunately Jeanne (sp?) was there toward the end of the run and she took it for me…thanks Jeanne!

#2 I would like to severely hurt the people who designed these shorts…MY HIPS ARE NOT THAT BIG! There is something about the way the jersey has these lines that go outward and the shorts that go inward that make me look like Rosie O’Donnell…these shorts might find their way to retirement…

Here is a better running picture, because I am actually smiling….but there are the hips again…zip code 91104

pastri_04This is when I saw my parents, took the hat off so that I just had to throw it to get my helmet on – 


Then I was off to the bike, I ran through transition and thought I got in and out very quickly, here I am running through – 



I am smiling so much! It’s like I didn’t know what was coming!

So off on the bike, I have to avoid a TON of morons…for example…picture above…person mounting WAY before she was supposed to. I have to say that the downside to this race is that there are so many beginners there that it makes it very difficult for season professionals…such as myself (cough cough) have to avoid their inexperienced ways.

I did the three loops pretty fast, on one side of the course there was a slight downhill and I was hauling ASS on that thing and was passing everyone. I think I gained a lot of time on that because people were just relaxing down that part. I almost got clipped by a fast person because I was trying to avoid a slow person, but we all managed to get safely out of the situation. But like I said….new people…

So then it happened…. I was coming into T2 fairly happy-


I had my shirt unzipped ready to tear off, I had stretched my calfs a bit and I go to twist out of my pedal and BAM, my ENTIRE left calf muscle seizes up and I can’t even move my foot let alone put ANY weight on it. I pull over, and Lenny comes running over and tells me to beat the crap out of it, make it hurt! Rub it out! (hmmmm…that sounds dirty…) Later, Lenny tells me that he could see the calf muscle all seized up…it was bad. We have come to the conclusion that it has something to do with the run to bike sequence that does it. So next year I will have to take some precautions.

I end up adding probably 5 minutes to my bike time, I get to a point that I can put a little weight on it and I run over to rack my bike. I tear off my jersey and helmet, grab my goggles and run limp to the pool. this is a photo George took and you can see the agony in my face-



I get to the pool and end up having a great swim time. Because the pool was so warm I think it helped my calf muscle and I was able to swim without feeling any pain…walking was a different story. My calf still hurts a little, but is getting better. My goal time was 1:20 and I made it! It would have been a hell of a lot better if I hadn’t gotten that cramp. But I really pushed through that damn thing even though it was killing me!

I really had a great time, it was great knowing a bunch of people that were racing and they knew me. My parents came out and they were confused…as usual…but they came out even though they really don’t understand the whole fascination….

I am looking forward to doing it next year and hopefully breaking my record!

Here is the link to the slideshow that has a few more pictures, enjoy!


Glendale Downtown Dash 5k Race Report

BTW, time change = sucky!

As you well know, on Saturday night we reset all our clocks forward…although I think my watch is still an hour behind…I went to bed Saturday night and woke up around 7:50 for the 8:40 race. I got everything together and headed down. I ran in to some trouble spots because of the street closures, and should have gone with my original instinct of going down Central…but I didn’t…so I was delayed…

I parked, ran down to the registration, get there and they can’t find my bib. My name is on the list…but alas…no fancy bib. So I had to settle for a random one that didn’t have the cool graphics :-/

I get my “goodie bag” that contained a large t-shirt, and a bunch of coupons (the coupons I actually liked). I then proceed to take my goodie bag back up to my car…I am putting my things away….it is 8:35 and then I hear BANG! The gun went off for the start! OH CRAP!!! Not what I had planned….so I ran down the structure and ran onto Brand, cut through all the walkers and finally made it to my pace group. This sort of sucked because I had to give it more energy than I wanted and I didn’t really get an accurate time.

So I start running and we do this really weird route through Glendale, was sort of like this-

gdd5kLittle weird…about half way through the run I could feel my Achilles start to hurt. I have been having some trouble with my Achilles lately and I think it started to hurt because I didn’t have time to stretch before the run. So I ended up walking a good amount of the run…still came in around 35 minutes…but not really sure. :-/

Anyway, I didn’t think the event was organized very well…since the race started 5 minutes before it was supposed to and my bib went MIA….but whatever! It’s just a 5k!

This Saturday is the Pasadena Triathlon, I am feeling good about it, which is nice… 

So happy that it is Thursday, I am so tired, I need a nap!