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2009 Pasadena Triathlon Race Report

First of all, I would like to display my results! No…I did not podium….BUT I got in the top 10!  (in the Athena division that is)


So a couple things you might ask when looking at my results…

#1 Why is your run so slow? 

Because I can’t run for sh*t

#2 Why is your bike so slow?

Because coming into T2 I had, what I will call, THE CRAMP FROM THE DEVIL….I will elaborate later.

#3 Why is your swim pretty good?

Because I can swim really well 🙂

Lets start from the beginning….George was volunteering, so he got there nice and early at 5AM to do volunteer stuff, I arrived at 7 which was plenty of time for me to set up, pre-race potty and warm up. Now, the day before when George was volunteering he had met the race director and somehow got on the subject about if they had someone to sing the national anthem…(actually, George was doing some very shameless plugging…thanks hunny!) Brennen, the race director, said he hadn’t and George offered me up…one problem…they didn’t have a stage…or a microphone at the start. I was a tad weary about this the day before and that morning I ended up going up to Brennen and told him…lets book it for next year when you have a stage and microphone 🙂 I just knew it would be hard for anyone to focus with me standing on the street singing my little heart out over all the chit chat…so next year…look out for me! 

After getting my good luck kiss from George I headed over to the start. I got in the front because I knew that it would be a mass start and I didn’t want to lose time fighting the crowds. I also knew all the people I was standing around would fly past me, which they did, but I stayed to the right and got out of their way! The run went well, I had a few walking points, but not too bad…took me 35 min which is what I expected and that includes the extra time getting to the transition area. Here I am toward the end of the run, obviously I did not know the photographer was there-



Two things about this picture:

#1 Notice the green cup…I ran most of the 2nd half with this damn thing because I feel just horrible littering…fortunately Jeanne (sp?) was there toward the end of the run and she took it for me…thanks Jeanne!

#2 I would like to severely hurt the people who designed these shorts…MY HIPS ARE NOT THAT BIG! There is something about the way the jersey has these lines that go outward and the shorts that go inward that make me look like Rosie O’Donnell…these shorts might find their way to retirement…

Here is a better running picture, because I am actually smiling….but there are the hips again…zip code 91104

pastri_04This is when I saw my parents, took the hat off so that I just had to throw it to get my helmet on – 


Then I was off to the bike, I ran through transition and thought I got in and out very quickly, here I am running through – 



I am smiling so much! It’s like I didn’t know what was coming!

So off on the bike, I have to avoid a TON of morons…for example…picture above…person mounting WAY before she was supposed to. I have to say that the downside to this race is that there are so many beginners there that it makes it very difficult for season professionals…such as myself (cough cough) have to avoid their inexperienced ways.

I did the three loops pretty fast, on one side of the course there was a slight downhill and I was hauling ASS on that thing and was passing everyone. I think I gained a lot of time on that because people were just relaxing down that part. I almost got clipped by a fast person because I was trying to avoid a slow person, but we all managed to get safely out of the situation. But like I said….new people…

So then it happened…. I was coming into T2 fairly happy-


I had my shirt unzipped ready to tear off, I had stretched my calfs a bit and I go to twist out of my pedal and BAM, my ENTIRE left calf muscle seizes up and I can’t even move my foot let alone put ANY weight on it. I pull over, and Lenny comes running over and tells me to beat the crap out of it, make it hurt! Rub it out! (hmmmm…that sounds dirty…) Later, Lenny tells me that he could see the calf muscle all seized up…it was bad. We have come to the conclusion that it has something to do with the run to bike sequence that does it. So next year I will have to take some precautions.

I end up adding probably 5 minutes to my bike time, I get to a point that I can put a little weight on it and I run over to rack my bike. I tear off my jersey and helmet, grab my goggles and run limp to the pool. this is a photo George took and you can see the agony in my face-



I get to the pool and end up having a great swim time. Because the pool was so warm I think it helped my calf muscle and I was able to swim without feeling any pain…walking was a different story. My calf still hurts a little, but is getting better. My goal time was 1:20 and I made it! It would have been a hell of a lot better if I hadn’t gotten that cramp. But I really pushed through that damn thing even though it was killing me!

I really had a great time, it was great knowing a bunch of people that were racing and they knew me. My parents came out and they were confused…as usual…but they came out even though they really don’t understand the whole fascination….

I am looking forward to doing it next year and hopefully breaking my record!

Here is the link to the slideshow that has a few more pictures, enjoy!



Podium Dreams

So tomorrow is the big day, my first triathlon of the season! I am mostly looking foward to it because of all the Pasadena Tri folks that will be there. I know it will be a lot of fun and there will be people there cheering me on, including George! He is volunteering and has been assigned to the transition area and he is directing people to the pool for the swim portion. I convinced (bribed) my parents to come to this one. Since it is so close they have no excuse. They are hoping they will get to see me more this time. For the Turkey Tri they really only saw me on the run. They were sort of bummed about that, but they came late and I had no time to tell them where everything was, so its all their fault. But since this is a fairly small event, I think they will be ok. 

There is a little part of me that hopes I podium on this, but all the planets will have to align for that to happen. Essentially, I am signed up for the Athena division and I basically need everyone in that division to totally suck or make a face plant on the run! I think I can finish it in 1:20, but that is a bit of wishful thinking…. Through my training, I have been able to do the run in 35 minutes, do the bike in 35 minutes and the 150 meter swim should take me 6 minutes at the most! I say 6 minutes because some of the fastest guys in PTC  got in at 5 minutes…but that might include transition.

Last night I went to the chiropractor and had him do some ultrasound on my achilles. I am hoping that helps with any inflammation that is in there and I am going to stretch a lot, including today. Here is hoping that doesn’t flare up tomorrow, or my podium finish dreams will vanish 😦

Wish me luck tomorrow, I will post my full race report probably later in the day after I nap!

Busy Weekend & Pasadena Triathlon Basics

I have been really tired lately and am going to sleep in tomorrow! That’s right! I said it! But then I have to take the new kitten into the vet for shots and to schedule her spay surgery. So I have to drag my ass out of the house at some point….

Then, later in the evening…we are doing the super fun event that I am still NOT REVEALING! But it involves a celebrity, a subway & a free t-shirt! Trust me, I should have plenty of pictures to share tomorrow!

Then on Sunday we have the Pasadena Triathlon Club General Meeting. If you are in the area and are interested in finding out about the tri club, you can go to the PTC website and there is a box with the information in it below the pictures. 

Last night I met up with a fellow PTC member, Verna, and we did a 4 mile run through the trails near the Rose Bowl. Funny thing is I never knew these trails were there and they are neat. I had a hard time running in some of the sections because of the amount of rocks on the ground, but I was able to get a good run in! After the run we went the the PTC info meeting at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center to help out. There ended up being almost 70 people at the meeting, pretty much all doing the Pasadena Triathlon next Saturday and it will be their first triathlon ever. It was funny being at the first part of the meeting (I had to leave early) and seeing Craig, the info session organizer, talk about the different parts of the triathlon. The looks on their faces was priceless when he started talking about Yankx (cool shoe laces that you never have to tie), it was just going right over their heads….poor things…But it shot me back to when I first signed up with TNT, my biggest question was…WHAT DO YOU WEAR????? Now I have enough clothes to wear for tri’s that I could start a store… I am not sure if anyone doing the triathlon will make it to my website…but if you do here is a list of essentials for the Pasadena Triathlon (being specific here):

1. Running shoes

2. Socks

3. Swimsuit

4. Shorts

5. Bike

6. Helmet

7. Goggles

Here is what I suggest you do in regards to what you wear (especially if you do not have triathlon specific attire)


Swim trunks

– “Jammer” type shorts, which are like really tight boxer briefs with a little bit of length

– Swim shorts like you dad used to wear int he 80s 


– T-shirt or sports shirt (just cover up!)


Bathing Suit

Running shorts

T-shirt or running shirt

As for the order… Wear the swimming attire under everything! Women…if you are big busted wear a sports bra under your swimsuit for when you are running…it will get wet when you jump in the water but it will be ok and worth it. If I were a guy…I would wear my swim shorts as my running shorts, that way you just take off your shirt and shoes and get in the water.

And here are a couple points for etiquette:

1. If you pass someone on your bike, pass on the left and yell “on your left!” This is a way to tell someone you are there…

2. In the transition area, only take up a little square of space, this is not your bedroom… Folding a towel twice should be a good size….

3. No drafting! You will get kicked out! Drafting is when you ride right behind someone, always keep 2 bike spaces in front of you and the other rider.

4. Be nice to the volunteers, say hi and thank you when you can.

5. Be on time, nothing worse than a late triathlete.

I hope this helps for the people doing the Pasadena Triathlon, or any other reverse tri…clothing choices for regular triathlons are a bit different so ingore this if you are not doing a reverse tri…

If you have any burning questions, leave a comment or e-mail me at


Brickety Brick

So last night I did a reverse brick…why you ask? Because the Pasadena Triathlon is a REVERSE triathlon and I wanted to get a feel for how it would be going from a run to the bike. 

This was my run:


Was I drunk? No, I just had to pee…. I knew I wanted to run about 20 min and I knew I had to pee so running around the Rose Bowl wouldn’t be much of an option because that would take me over 30 minutes and there are no potties. So I just started running on this little path and had a general idea where the bathrooms were. On the map, just past mile 1, there are little people…that was the bathroom. I ducked in there, went #1 and then popped back out. Once I got back out I realized I still hadn’t gone for 20 minutes. So I headed up the path a little bit then cut over and down back to my bike. By the time I was done I had gone for 20 minutes! SUCCESS!

I then tried to transition as quickly as possible to my bike gear, but forgot to pull out my shoes before and had to dig in my bag to get them…good one! Within a couple of minutes I was off on my bike. I did three laps around the Rose Bowl and each lap seemed to get more boring! I really am not a big fan of these loops and later realized that for the race I will have to do it a total of 4 times! That sucks! So hopefully there will be some characters out there that will distract me from a view I have seen a ton of times…

When everything was said and done I went home, ate dinner, ate another 1/2 sleeve of thin mints and relaxed for the rest of the night…phew….I actually even got to bed at a decent hour and feel good today.

Nothing scheduled today for a workout, but will do one tomorrow after work. I am also going to go to the Pasadena Triathlon Club’s info session at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center to meet possible new members and let them know that triathlons are fun and that it isn’t as overwhelming as it seems. 

I am feeling better about the triathlon next Saturday, I feel like I can handle it. I really tried to focus on my ChiRunning techniques (mostly posture, haven;t really learned much else at this point) and also focused on where I need to put effort into the ride and where I can relax a little. All part of my race strategy that will hopefully help me on the day of.

My next clue for the SUPER SECRET thing I am doing on Saturday….It involves a mural, Children’s Hospital & Nike!

Guess it yet?

AMGEN Tour of California

Can I just tell you that this is the first time that I have ever really watched a cycling event? And I love it! I have been absolutely obsessed! I never realized that I would be so interested in watching a bunch of guys on bikes, pedaling their little hearts out for 4 hours. But I have to say, it is really addicting! Especially at the end when they all sprint to the finish, yesterday, it was so close it was literally by a couple of inches. 

Anyway, I am also super excited because they are coming right here to Pasadena. On Saturday, we will be meeting up with about 30 people in Santa Clarita and riding the Stage 7 route to Pasadena. Now, I am slow…this is nothing new…so I opted to drive the SAG car and George is going to ride it with the other people. It is all being organized through the Pasadena Tri Club and most of the people will be in our club, but we also have a few from L.A. Tri. After the ride we are going to hang out at the finish and wait for the pros to come through. There is this entire festival that goes on at the finish line and I am really looking forward to it. 

Here is what the map looks like-


So that is a 4,000 foot elevation gain and the highest point in the tour so far. I will be sure to take a ton of pictures (bringing George’s camera and mine) and will post them when it is all said and done with.

Tonight I am going to head to the Rose Bowl to do a run, the last time I did any physical activity was on Saturday for the half century. So I think my rest time is over and it is time to get back to work. The Pasadena Triathlon is coming up on March 14th and I am really going to train smart for this one. The course is right here and I can actually train on it so that the day of the race I am ready to go. 

Tomorrow is Friday! One more day till the weekend 🙂

Really Organized? Or just plain crazy?

Perhaps a little bit of both! I came up with this agenda for the weekend because I don’t want to forget anything and I get really nervous before an event. I don’t want to be that person that they have to make an announcement to all the other racers if they have a spare helmet for me because I forgot mine…that would SUUUUUCK!

So then I become a tad anal and come up with things like this…

Now, I just have to remember that document!

I am really excited about my first event of 2009, I have already started packing my things and just can’t wait. The weather is going to be sunny and cold, which is a hell of a lot better than rainy and cold… After the Tour de Palm Springs I will be diving into a couple of months of pure adrenaline. On February 21st we have the Tour of California and in March comes a whole new set of events including the Pasadena Triathlon. 

Tonight George and I are joining some of his work friends for a party. Since neither of us have to work tomorrow, we are going to let lose a little and have a good time. I am sure I will have some photos and will make sure to post them. 

Did I say I am excited about this weekend???? 


Sorry…crossing the line now…I know….

I also just posted a new page called Creature Comforts, I always tend to be very vocal about things I like and dislike so I figured I would make a page out of it and maybe pass some of my “wisdom” to some other souls. So make sure to check it out, I will be updating it as I get more things. Two things I recently purchased and and going to try out this weekend are the Pearl Izumi ThermaFleece Leg Warmers:

And Paceline Products Chamois Butt’r:

So I will see if I like them or not, and if I do, they will end up on my new page…if not…well…I’ll let you know that too 🙂


When I first started this blog I thought it would be cool if I had a name and a little theme going on. After 5 months of thinking about it…I think I finally came up with something! If you haven’t already guessed…

Endurance Turtle

What do you think? Weird? Some others were Turtle Triathlete, Triathlon Turtle…but I went with Endurance Turtle…I like the idea of a turtle because I am slow…and usually just chugging along but I get the job done!

Vote on the box in the upper right corner and tell me if you like it our not, or give me some other suggestions.

It is starting to look better for this Saturday. The storm may not come in till Sunday, and we will get to sneak in on Saturday for the event. It will be cold, but I can deal with the cold. I went out to the Rose Bowl last night and did laps and my temperature gauge on my bike said it was 47 degrees. It took me 35 min to do a little over 9 miles (3 laps). This is really good training for the Pasadena Triathlon because we will do a run around the loop, then 3 laps on the bike and then swim in the pool. So far I have been able to run the loop in 35 minutes and can do the bike in 35 minutes. With transition times and the swim portion, I an predicting a 1:20 finish time. It would be great to get it below or at and hour…but that would require me to be a faster runner! And cyclist! So, we will see…I am really looking forward to doing it and I know it will be a blast.

I will try to run tomorrow if it is not raining. For some weird reason…I know that I am picking up on my training, but it is almost like I am on auto pilot. I never really think much of it and I just go out there and do it. Which I guess would be a good thing. Within the next couple of weeks I am going to fit in a “long” run at the Rose Bowl loop. Not sure how long or how I will do it…but I am starting to think two laps ought to do it. I actually might do that Monday if I feel up to it since I have the day off. Woo Hoo!

P.s. If you are counting…that is a PTO day on Friday and a holiday on Monday = 4 DAY WEEKEND! That’s like a min-vacation!