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LuLu Lemon Spring Kick Off Race Report

A couple weeks back I signed up for this event, not really knowing what it was about. I just knew that there would be prizes involved and specifically LuLu Lemon products which I know are nice but have a hard time parting with $50 for a top. I was going to be missing a PTC ride, one that I really wanted to do, so I knew I had to make this little event worth it.

It was held at the LuLu Lemon store at the Americana at Brand in Glendale. It was set up as an Amazing Race sort of thing, so when we got clues we had to do a challenge to get the next clue. Because the Americana is only 3 miles away, I decided to ride my bike. So I got down there early to sign in and the lovely employees allowed me to park my bike in the back. This was greatly apprciated since I usually get someone with attitude when I want to park my bike. I actually had one guy once tell me to take it off the rug because of all the “oils” on the tire. I then proceeded to tell him that I have my shoes on the rug…maybe I should take those off! Moving on! So I had some time to kill so I headed over to Coffee Bean and got myself a coffee and bagel…mmmm…

Once my belly was full I headed over to some yoga mats set up near the fountain and took my place. We sat there for a bit, and this one lady started to complain a little bit (seemed to me she was cold)…but I had my cycling jacket on so I was quite warm (blocked the wind). We got a run down of how it would go down and then we did some yoga stuff with this guy. As mentioned before in my blog, I don’t really like yoga. But I liked this guy because he was really fast paced and would call out the moves so there wasn’t any time to go on about a waterfall somewhere in my head… Once that was done they told us our first clue was under our yoga mat, I grabbed it, ripped it open and ran to the first one.


Sidenote: Once reason I did well in the race was because I am very familiar with all the stores at the Americana…not sure if that is good or bad yet…

The first one consisted of me standing on this thing-


First we just had to stand on it for 60 seconds, then do some other poses for 60 seconds each, I was doing fine until she said to close our eyes…each time I would do a pose I would just stare at a spot and I could hold my balance but once I closed my eyes I was screwed and this is the only one that I actually failed on 😦 so I had to start my 60 seconds over again for the shutting of the eyes pose, that sucked…but didn’t slow me down too bad. We then got our next clue which was to go to the cooking store (in so many words). Got there, got my clue and moved on to the next one. This next one was a toughy and I am still feeling it today. The “bootcamp” people had the next one, so I had to sprint to a lamp post, then side step to another lamp post, then back pedal to a tree and side step to where I started. Not too bad…next was to do walking lunges to the tree and back (pooey) THEN do bear crawls to the tree and back (BIGGER POOEY) then 20 push-ups (ugh). This one kicked my butt, but I plan to include then into my regular training because I am sore in places that I need to be sore in, so that is good!

The next stop was at the movie theater, we had to learn this dance and then perform it. Was easy to learn, but this slowed me down because we each had to take a turns to show it to the instructor and so there was a little bit of standing around….If I would have been a bit more aggressive on this challenge, I may have won the whole thing. Once that was done I headed over to the next challenge which was doing a series of yoga poses on each side 3 sets total. You can tell I am a little tired here and really don’t want to do yoga poses…look at the girl in the grey sweater in the middle…and look at me…hilarious!


I did my 3 sets and got my next clue. I ran over to the Crumbs bakery, and got my final clue which was to go to the finish.


I realize why my feet hurt when I run…look at that foot hitting the ground! Bad form!

When running to Crumbs I heard this one girl behind me and had to push, we got our clues around the same time and had to race to the finish. Thats her in the sweatshirt behind me…


I heard her behind me and almost jumped over the bushes, but opted for safety and just side stepped them. I got to the door with her right on my tail and got 2nd place! WOO HOO! 

I really feel like all my training helped me with this (oddly) because I was able to run from each challenge to the next. Even after the physical one, I still ran because I had that extra push and then I sprinted at the end because I always do that at my races. Because I won 2nd place I got the following:

1 LuLu Lemon Top ($48)

A LuLu Lemon Yoga Mat ($50)

And a personal session of pilates at The Pilates Body in Kenneth Village in North Glendale.

I was SO excited because #1 Lulu Lemon stuff is expensive and #2 I have been wanting to do Pilates for a while and this is my chance!

They had treats for us at the end, and getting my yoga mat home was a little interesting being that I was on my bike. Overall, it was a great experience and if they do it again I will sign up and go for first!


By the way, another advantage I had was that I was in better shape than I thought! Many of the other people ended up walking from challenge to challenge because they got tired after the first sprint. Where I was able to go in a dead sprint from each challenge. Also, George had a good point yesterday when we were talking…is that overall we are better off than most of society. We may not be the fastest but we have a good amount of fitness that we consistently keep up. We also compare ourselves to many people in the Pasadena Tri Club that have done Ironman’s! So with them we feel inadequate, but we are comparing ourselves to less than 2% of the population, so I think we are doing a good job, even if we don’t always come in 1st.

I will also have my race report for the Pasadena Marathon Bike Tour…and oh boy… is that a race report!