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IronGirl Triathlon Race Report

Another one in the bag! And by far the HARDEST tri I have done to date!


Early Friday morning George, Kara and myself got into the Jeep and headed out to Vegas. It is about a 4 hour drive and because George and I drink water regularly….we had to stop and pee a lot :-/ We got into Henderson right at noon, since it was lunch time we searched for an In-N-Out and found one! Now, for those of you that do not have the pleasure of knowing what In-N-Out is…well…it is the BEST DAMN BURGER….EVER! I can’t even describe it, it is just wonderful and cheap. Once we stuffed ourselves with our tasty lunch, we headed to the expo. We got a good parking spot and headed in to pick up our packets. The expo was small, but really had everything that I wanted…free stuff 🙂 A lot of the expos we go to there are just a bunch of useless booths that I rather not bother with. This expo trimmed all those away and just left the good ones. I picked up some Yankx because I never really got any for my new shoes and Kara got a Iron-Girl t-shirt. Speaking of t-shirts, we also picked up our event shirt and it is really a great shirt! It is a women’s fit technical t-shirt and it looks cool. Once we were done there we decided we should go for a little ride of the course, so we all changed and got on our bikes. I wasn’t sure how far we would be able to go because it was the middle of the day and it was almost 100 degrees. Sure enough, we made it to the top of the big hill and we all decided to head back. Here is where it got fun! Kara and I wanted to swim in the lake to get a feel for it but we weren’t sure where we could access the beach. So we walked through the hotel and George followed a hotel employee bringing towels into the pool area and BAM! we had access to the beach! We stole grabbed a couple of towels and decided to get into the water. It was a little chilly so I went and got our wetsuits, Kara hadn’t swam in hers yet so this was a great opportunity to try it out. After suiting up we got into the water and started our swim. George jumped into the paddle boat because he was scared of the  fish in case Kara and I needed any help while swimming in the lake. I swam for a bit in my wetsuit…but I really hate wearing my wetsuit. So I jumped in the paddle boat and took the dang thing off and hopped back in the water. The shock of the cold was a little much at first, but then I got used to it and I was ok. I swam to the other side of the lake and then took the paddle boat back with George, Kara swam back (over achiever). We got back to the little beach and decided we should walk the transition from the water to the transition area. We started walking, and kept walking, and there was more walking….needless to say it was a good 1/4 of a mile to get to transition. As we were walking we realized that this whole run would be barefoot, on asphalt, in Vegas…uhhhmmmm…HOT! So that is when we made the decision to get some sort of throw away shoes that we could throw on and then run up the little hill. We piled back into the car and headed toward the only logical place, Wal-Mart. Now, I can probably count the amount of times I have been to a Wal-Mart on one hand. There just aren’t any here in the L.A. area so I don’t really go. We headed in all wearing our tri gear so we looked a little silly but whatever…so did everyone else in their white trash  weird clothes. We ended up finding some fake crocs for a $1, awesome! Kara actually found these moo-moo slippers and it turned out they weren’t $1, but she talked the cashier into giving them to her for a $1….sneaky sneaky! Btw, these shoes ended up becoming VERY handy all day Saturday. Once our adventure at Wal-Mart was complete we headed over to the hotel to check in and get ready for din-din. Kara had a couple of friends in the area, so she went to dinner with them. George and I ended up at a restaurant in a casino that we had gotten a gift certificate to. The place was great, the staff was nice and the food was good! That turned out to be a great pick for a pre-race dinner. We then headed back to the hotel and I fell asleep at 8:30 for a 4AM wake up.


So I really didn’t wake up until 4:15AM, but we were ready and out the door by 4:50 and got to transition by 5:15. Standard pre-race stuff…just no pre-race potty 😦 that sort of bummed me out a bit…. We headed down to the swim start to watch the Olympic people go, got in the water for a bit and warmed up. Once they were all gone we headed to the coral area. I have to say that this race was really well organized and pleasant. The only weird thing was that instead of having a gun start…it was this weird recording of the Aflac duck saying “Aflac!” and no one knew what to do when they heard it, they sort of moved but then rocked back, it was weird.


Setting up my transition area



Walking to the swim start


Oh what a beautiful mornin!


Me and Kara



Thats me on the far right

So we were off onto the swim, I ended up wearing the wetsuit because I was a little cold, I guess it worked out well but I probably would have liked it without the wetsuit as well. During the swim there was some confusion on where to go, the race director at the start told us to keep to the left along the golf course and then when we got out there the kayak people made us go around this other buoy. I am not really sure who was right….so my wave might have done a little extra on the swim. 20 minutes later the swim in done, run out of the water strong, they have a towel for us (thanks!) and I start my long run to transition. Found my $1 crocs, almost grabbed the wrong ones, and kept running up. 





 This is me in transition, I have my helmet on, still wearing my wetsuit and I can guarantee that I have my socks on. I need to practice my transitions a little more…IMG_4792_2

See George, he is taking photos, wave…smile….keep running. There were some volunteers offering to help take off our wetsuits, I passed and just ran to my transition area. While I still had my wetsuit half way on and sat down and started putting my socks on…total DUH moment! So had to back track and take the wetsuit off, slapped my cycling shoes on, helmet, sunglasses and was off. Not a bad transition time!



Off on the bike


Head out to the bike, right away there is a hill. I take my time on it and fly down the down hill to make up my time. Then I get to the big ass hill, get into my granny gear, sit up and start climbing. This was a less than flat ride, it was down right HILLY! I feel like I did okay on this. If I were stronger on hills I probably would have done better. Nothing too exciting here to report so i will move on.



Threw bike on rack, got sneakers and hat ran out.





THE RUN FROM HELL IN HELL! This was the worst run in the history of runs! The minute I left transition I immediately started to walk. It was straight uphill to the trails and then on the trails it was more hills. I can’t even begin to tell you how horrible it was. When I got to the Mile 1 sign I felt like stopping it was so bad. I couldn’t believe I was only one freakin mile into this hell hole. Fortunately, there was a water station at each mile. At the first water station they had sponges, water and Gatorade…took all three. Then at mile 2 more water and a splash by one of the volunteers. Between mile 2 and 3 I fell…There were these HUGE rocks on the trail and I am not good with rocks. So sure enough I hit one and my ankle gave out and down I went. I sort of sat there for a second as I rocked back up and then I started running again, but soon walked. I wanted to make sure I didn’t hurt anything….At mile 3 was the last water station and they were yelling that it was all down hill from there, and it was. I was so happy and I started running and didn’t stop till the finish line, I wanted it to be over! I sprinted through the finish (like I always do) and it felt good. 


.5 Mile Swim: 21:38

T1: 5:05

10 Mile Bike: 41:21

T2: 1:19

3.2 Mile run: 43:26 

Total time- 1:52:49

Overall Place: 252 out of 1060

Division Place: 39/78

As soon as I was done I found George and headed right to the brunch. I ate my weight in fruit, had a bagel, yogurt, breakfast sandwich, and some juice. I think I did something to the arch of my foot when I fell, so that has been in pain for the past couple of days.

When we were all done with the race, we went back to the hotel, checked out and headed toward Lake Mead. We met Kara’s friends who has a boat and we hung out at the lake for a few hours. Kara’s friend took us out on the boat and we rode over to see the Hoover Dam. It was so beautiful out and such a great day. Around 4PM we headed back to L.A. and got home around 8:30PM. George and I pigged out on some pizza, then went immediately home and knocked out! 

It was one of those weekends when nothing went wrong and everything seemed to go right. I could have not asked for a better quick getaway, however…I could have done without that run.

More photos:


IronGirl Las Vegas Triathlon

May 9th!

I am not sure what it is but I am ADDICTED to doing triathlons! I can’t help myself, is there a Triathlons Anonymous? Maybe I need to find one…..

So last week I get this e-mail from about this series of events called Iron Girl. There were two that were relatively close to me, Del Mar and Vegas. The one in Del Mar was just a 5k/10k and I couldn’t justify the trip down there for that…however…I COULD justify a trip to Vegas for a triathlon! They have two options, a sprint and olympic distance and I opted for the sprint because I will be doing my first olympic with George in July. I liked the idea of this tri because it was only for women, it is meant to promote the wellness of women and there is a brunch after the tri 🙂 That’s right…I am easily lured by food! I also had a coupon code so it came out to $65 (can’t beat that) and then the hotel will be $50….sweeeet! Now, they are trying to promote the resort that is at Lake Las Vegas, but rooms are $229 A NIGHT! ARE THEY ON CRACK????? 10% of the population don’t have freakin jobs! F that! I am going to stay at the Holiday Inn in Henderson (10 miles away).

P.S. This is the lake we will do the swim in:

llvOMG, nice right? Should be a gorgeous course all around!

Needless to say, I am very excited about this tri. The distances are .5 mile Swim – 10 Mile Bike – 3.1 Mile Run, I am looking to do it in 1:25…I think I can do better than that but I don’t want to disappoint myself. I am also thinking that I won’t need my wetsuit (but will bring it) and that should cut down on transition time. Not sure if the course will be very hilly, I think the biggest hill is coming out of transition…other than that it should be ok. And lets all hope the run is flat because it would be nice not to have to walk!

Kara from PTC will be doing it as well, she just had knee surgery and is a rock star! I am also going to try out some aerobars…instead of running out and getting a tri bike, I figured it would be good to see if I like riding in the aero position. I am sure I will but its better than losing all that money to something I don’t really like. 

Tonight I am going to do a little ride with George around Griffith Park and hopefully we will get up to the Hollywood sign (or near it) and then tomorrow is the normal Wednesday Brick. I know I say this all the time, but I would also like to ride my bike into work tomorrow…I keep saying it but every time that alarm goes off at 6AM I just hit the snooze button…it is quite painful….But tomorrow is Earth Day and I would like to show her that I care….just a little bit.