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Our Night with Lance

Armstrong that is!

During the Tour of California I found out that Lance Armstrong had a Twitter account, so I decided to follow it. Since the T of C I have never unsubscribed because it is sort of nice getting the text messages. Well, it paid off! Monday night I was walking my dogs-



And I get this Twitter update that says, “March 7th. Hollywood. Reserve you spot now! First 100 people to email gets a reserved spot in the ride“, so of course…without really knowing what this is about, I e-mail the address and RSVP, I then forward it onto George and he does the same thing. Later on that day we get an e-mail saying we are registered and we would get more information throughout the week. The entire week we have no idea what this is about, we just know a few things like logistics and that there is a free t-shirt involved! I work out all the logistics the day before and by the time Saturday evening rolled around we were off and on our way to Hollywood.

George and I decided to park in Universal City and take the Red Line to Sunset & Vermont because driving and parking in Hollywood is painful. Here we are on the subway…yes…L.A. has a subway…no…it’s not very good…

So we get out of the Subway and we head toward check in. We get there and George checks in no problem, mind you…he has had to contact the organizer 3 times to confirm he was on the list because he never got confirmation e-mails like I did. I received every single e-mail and I get to the lady with the list and my name wasn’t on the list! WTF? So I go to their “solutions” tent, show them the e-mail from my Blackberry and got my t-shirt and bracelet…phew!

We hung out for a while because the ride started at 6 and we had gotten there early…By the way, let me say that we DID know that we would be riding with Lance Armstrong 2.2 miles from Children’s Hospital to a theater on Sunset and Vine. So anyway, all the riders grouped up and there were about 300, maybe more…but a very small group! Everyone there had to be registered in order to attend so it was very exclusive.



We all had to wear these yellow shirts, and of course because it was a little chilly, we all looked really obese with our jackets under our shirts… While we were waiting we ran into Jody from PTC, she is also a part of L.A. Tri and she had found out about the event. We ended up hanging out with her the whole night and it was a lot of fun. Although, George said we kept having little side convos…like most women do… sorry hunny… sometimes we don’t notice!

Lance finally came up to start off the event, our mayor was there…and people started to boo him…that sort of sucked…

Lance said a few words and then they moved the stage out of the way, Lance hoped on his bike and we were off down Sunset, which was completely shut down!

Here is picture from the front that Lance posted on his Twitter account-



Once we got to the theater, we valeted our bikes and got in line to head in. I have to say that this entire night was a whole surprise and it was SO COOL! When we walked in they were serving beer and wine, hosted, so I grabbed one and then a little later grabbed another…beer that is….

We sat down and got great seats! We waited for a little bit and then they started…and all of a sudden….Ben Stiller walks out!

He does this stand up routine that was hilarious! And introduces Lance and the COO of the Lance Armstrong Foundation-

The whole setup was a Q & A with Lance, so they brought out the COO of Nike to talk and then brought out the artist that did the mural of Lance on the side of the theater (he also did the famous art for the Obama campaign).

The goal of the night was to bring awareness to cancer through art. It is a new campaign they are doing called “Stages”. They are basically going to artists and asking them to submit work so they can donate the proceeds to the LAF. The art can range from a mural in the heart of Hollywood, to some fancy shoes or a bike that Lance rides into Paris during the Tour de France. Lance also spoke about racing, he said he doesn’t really care if we wins an 8th Tour de France, but if he brings more awareness to cancer because he is in the race then he has won on that front. Overall, it was great getting to know Lance a little better and understanding what his cause is about. My dad had cancer, and his life is worse off because of it. Lance talked about how that shouldn’t happen, but it does and it needs to change.

The final surprise of the night was a performance by Ben Harper. I have never heard of him…but he was pretty good. I could also imagine that his music is better when the drums and bass aren’t so overwhelming that you can’t hear the actual lyrics….

I took a lot more photos,  CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL THE PHOTOS!

So that is what we did on Saturday night, bet you didn’t guess it!

I’ll be back with my 5k race report tomorrow.