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Oh, how fast the weekend goes

And Monday comes…again….

#1 – 5k on Sunday, totally looking forward to it and I am hoping to PR. I am promising myself to actually bring my watch this time (last 5k, I forgot my watch). I am thinking the weather will be nice and I plan to ride my bike there. It’s downhill all the way there…so why not! Then I will rush to church (un-showered) and sing my little heart out. Hopefully I don’t stink up the place!

#2 – I am going to do a brick tomorrow, actually, a reverse brick. Since the Pasadena Triathlon is a reverse triathlon, I figured it would be beneficial to me to see how it is to run and then bike. I will run 10 min out and then back, hop on the bike and do 3 laps…here’s hoping that goes well!

#3 – I signed up for the Nautica Malibu Triathlon! I am SUPER excited about this one because it is the big celebrity one and I have no shame and usually end up embarrassing myself in front of celebrities. The distances are:

1/2 Mile Swim

18 Mile Bike

4 Mile Run

It cost and arm and a leg to register, but it is for a really great cause and I plan to do some light fund raising for it. The triathlon raises money for The Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. 

I actually have somewhat of an interesting story that I will share with you…Last year, George did the Malibu Tri and part of a relay team with Team Disney. The swimmer on his team was Helen Faust. She actually raised a good amount of money for Children’s Hospital and got a fancy jacket! But recently, she received even more. On Thanksgiving her son, Sean, was riding his skateboard and fell. He cracked his head (literally) and had to be rushed into surgery for them to take out part of his skull. He was in a coma for a little bit but came out. Now I am not sure of the exact details, but at some point he was taken care of by Children’s Hospital…he is now at home and getting better…but it will be a long battle to get him back to normal. It is funny how things loop around like that! When she was raising the money she did it for others, and then when she needed it, Children’s Hospital was there for her…thats good karma!

But this also brings up another thing, helmets. Helmets can save lives, and if he had been wearing one…this may never have happened. There has been a website that went up in honor of Sean and encourages people to wear helmets. Sometimes for young kids it isn’t always the coolest thing to do, but it can really protect you from doing permanent damage. I am not sure how many people that read my blog actually skateboard…but I know there are a lot that cycle. There is no reason we should be on a bike and not have a helmet on. Sean was cruisin on his long board skateboard and fell and hit his head on a concrete barrier. How fast do you average on your bike? Is it as fast as a skateboard? It’s probably faster, which is an even better reason to wear your helmet. Anyway, for whatever it is worth, that is my rant!

Here is the website for Sean:

Also, at some point I will have a fund raising site for the Nautica Malibu Triathlon, so I will let you know and perhaps you can send over a few bucks! 🙂