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Being Green

So without really trying…I was very green this weekend.

Saturday morning I had to go to a choir rehearsal which was in La Canada which is 5 miles north of Glendale. That is 5 miles of climbing…which proved to me a tad difficult with a backpack full of stuff. Anyway, I have done this climb tons of times before, and made it…just struggled a bit with the backpack. Because I was in a rush, I didn’t drink any coffee and didn’t bring any Advil so I managed to give myself a migraine…yay! Well, once I got home I knocked out and then didn’t wake up till dinner and when I did go to dinner…I carpooled…

Then today, when I went to church, I drove with George in his car and after church we decided to go to the movies. We also decided to ride our bikes to the movies because it is less than 3 miles away. We found out (after asking 3 different people) that we could actually valet our bikes for free at the Americana at Brand in Glendale. So we did that, went to the movies, then rode back. It turned out to be a great way to save a little gas and break a bit of a sweat.

So…my car hasn’t been turned on since Friday…which means that I haven’t driven it all weekend. I happen to think that is really cool and I am glad I did it.

Therefore, I make this proposition to you…(if it is warm enough) is try to go a weekend without ever turning your car on. I think you will find that it is a lot more convenient than you think. When you think about the rides we go on every weekend…we are traveling upwards of 20-30 miles…so what is 3-5 with a backpack?