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Sharrows In Glendale!

What is a sharrow you might ask?

It's the picture of the bike on the ground....

A sharrow is in between a bike lane and having nothing on the road to indicate cyclists might be using the paved road as well. Recently, the GREAT (insert slight sarcasm) city of Glendale California, has added these little items. Here is a link to the article on the Glendale News Press:

The article is written by possibly the worst writer for a news paper that exists, but it gets the idea across.

Glendale also added a really nice bike lane to Glenoaks Ave. about a year ago, so the city is trying to do a lot for cyclists. It also helps when you have someone really pushing for cyclists rights, which we do. I have lived in this little city all my life, and I like it. I am also not one to have extreme changes in my life. The only time I have lived away from Glendale was when I was in college and spent 2 years in Downtown Los Angeles near USC and 2 years in Brentwood near UCLA. Both cities are okay, but I always get this warm and fuzzy feeling when I drive into Glendale, I know I am home.

Glendale is also notorious for having horrible drivers that do not care about anyone else in the world. I will leave it at that, because if you are a local and have been around Glendale…you know EXACTLY what I am talking about. We actually have the highest rating of pedestrian deaths because people in cars just choose to run over pedestrians instead of stopping to wait for people to cross the street. The motorists are in a hurry, they have the right away, right? (insert more sarcasm)

Will the sharrows help? I am not sure, motorists still don’t want to share the road. Are they a good effort? Absolutely! I prefer to have bike lanes, but something is better than nothing I guess and I am glad that Glendale is taking a step toward being a bike friendly neighborhood.



So earlier today a light bulb goes off in my head…since training is down the drain with these fires…I should bust out the trainer! I can set it up inside the house right in front of the TV and just go to town! Well…actually…I wouldn’t be going anywhere :-/

It is getting a little better, this morning it was very smokey but it cleared up a bit this afternoon. It just seems like these fires are only getting worse and they cannot seem to get a handle on it. So I hope and pray that they can put out the fire and put a bunch of people at ease.

And also, since training is a bust I guess today’s post I will talk a little bit about what I have been obsessing about the past few days….history. And Glendale/Pasadena history to be exact. You see I was born and raised in Glendale, and while Glendale has it’s issues…the city actually has a lot of history. One of the things I did was find some historic pictures of Glendale and uploaded them to my Kodak Gallery page. I printed them all out and plan to frame them somewhere in the house. I am thinking a hallway, bathroom, office, bedroom Historic Glendale theme. Not sure why this popped into my head, but I thought it was a cool idea. So now that I have the pictures, I just need to frame them and find a home for them. I will be working on the upstairs hallway soon and I might make a temporary home there for the pictures while I think things out a bit. Here is one taken in in the early 1900s. This is at the top of Brand at Mountain:

There is still actually a little staircase that goes down in the middle of the intersection that was used by the conductors so that they could use the restroom in between their trip on the train car. The train ran down Brand blvd and I am sure that Caruso (the guy who created the Americana at Brand) would have LOVED to have this still installed today. It would have been a great way to get people from north Glendale to south Glendale where his shopping center is. What I also really like about this picture is the woman standing at the steps on the train car. Her hat is HUGE and you know she has some getup that would be straight off of the Titanic 🙂

I also went over to Old Town Pasadena today at lunch, took the bus over there and had this new appreciation for the buildings. Many of the buildings in Old Town that have stores like Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, J.Crew, and many others at one point used to be the main stores for the city of Pasadena at the beginning of the 20th Century. This is Colorado Blvd at Fair Oaks in the late 1800s:


This is the same street (maybe different angle) now:

Colorado NowSo see, I have other interests outside of doing triathlons! 😀