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Glendale Downtown Dash 5k Race Report

BTW, time change = sucky!

As you well know, on Saturday night we reset all our clocks forward…although I think my watch is still an hour behind…I went to bed Saturday night and woke up around 7:50 for the 8:40 race. I got everything together and headed down. I ran in to some trouble spots because of the street closures, and should have gone with my original instinct of going down Central…but I didn’t…so I was delayed…

I parked, ran down to the registration, get there and they can’t find my bib. My name is on the list…but alas…no fancy bib. So I had to settle for a random one that didn’t have the cool graphics :-/

I get my “goodie bag” that contained a large t-shirt, and a bunch of coupons (the coupons I actually liked). I then proceed to take my goodie bag back up to my car…I am putting my things away….it is 8:35 and then I hear BANG! The gun went off for the start! OH CRAP!!! Not what I had planned….so I ran down the structure and ran onto Brand, cut through all the walkers and finally made it to my pace group. This sort of sucked because I had to give it more energy than I wanted and I didn’t really get an accurate time.

So I start running and we do this really weird route through Glendale, was sort of like this-

gdd5kLittle weird…about half way through the run I could feel my Achilles start to hurt. I have been having some trouble with my Achilles lately and I think it started to hurt because I didn’t have time to stretch before the run. So I ended up walking a good amount of the run…still came in around 35 minutes…but not really sure. :-/

Anyway, I didn’t think the event was organized very well…since the race started 5 minutes before it was supposed to and my bib went MIA….but whatever! It’s just a 5k!

This Saturday is the Pasadena Triathlon, I am feeling good about it, which is nice… 

So happy that it is Thursday, I am so tired, I need a nap!