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Race Day Report


It is official, I am a triathlete! I learned on Saturday that less than 2% of the population can say that…I think that is cool.

Let me preface this by saying that I will be adding more pictures as they come. The first batch is from Ron’s camera (thank you Ron for being so fast on posting the pics!) Then there are some from George’s camera and then there are the professional ones. So, without further adieu….

We started the morning bright and early at 4:30AM, we met the team downstairs by 5AM (roughly) and then we all headed down to the transition area which was about a miles bike ride from the hotel. It was dark and cold. We finally got to the transition area, by quite possibly the worst way ever (thanks guy who lead the group)…We then found our area and set up..Not much to report here…I had a pink dolphin balloon that I tied to my area so that I could find my bike…Mind you…Pinky (the balloon) had to take the mile trip on the bike from the hotel to transition, so that was fun…. We had plenty of time to kill so George and I got body marked and headed to the beach to see the waves. The day before the team tried to do a nice swim in the ocean and the waves were 5 to 7 feet high. I was deathly afraid of these waves, so I practiced my entrances and exits out of the water. But the day of, the waves were perfect! Phew!

Now somewhat of a last minute thing….back when I had volunteered for the Nautica Malibu Triathlon I got into contact with the event organizers. I noticed that for that triathlon, they had someone sing the national anthem. I thought to myself…hmmmm…I can do that! So I e-mailed them and asked them how one would go about doing such a thing. They put me in contact with the marketing person and they asked me to sing the national anthem for the triathlon I was doing! How awesome is that? So when I walked to the beach I sang it a few times just to warm up my voice since it was 6 in the morning…

So 6:45AM rolled around and it was time for the mandatory pre-race meeting. They went through all the race details and then they introduced me and I sang the national anthem 🙂 It went really well and I hit all my notes as best I could that early, but overall it went well and I think people liked the fact that a fellow athlete was singing. Did I mention I sang it in my wetsuit? Well, I did and I will have some pictures to prove it from the professional photogs.

Now, one thing I was not aware of was that the waves of people starting mean that you start later…so because I was in the women’s div 25-29, I didn’t start till wave 8 and there are 7 minutes apart…7 times 8 equals I have like 45 min to fart around! So I went back to the transition area and hung out a bit (p.s. MY FEET WERE FREEZING from being on the sand from the meeting) so I put my running shoes on to warm up a bit and sat on my handy dandy chair (which rocks!) We started to see the guys run in from there swim so I figured I would at least start to casually walk over, stop by the porta potty…have a pre-race potty…then maybe see the people come out of the water. It was about 7:40 by now and as I approached the start I saw a bunch of people with silver caps and realized….MY WAVE WAS NEXT! Hello butterflies…there you are…was wondering when you would enter my tummy…. So I climbed over the little flags and found Ron and Jamie (cue picture).

Here is a picture of me with the assistant coach before we went into the water:

Fast forward a little, gun goes off and here we go in the water! (by the way, very loud gun) Jump over the waves, dive into a few and off we go to the first buoy! No one kicked me and no one swam over me which was a great relief! But damn, that buoy is FAR! It really felt like forever to get to that first buoy so when I got there I sort of cheered and then everyone else followed suit, I thought that was fun. I sort of had to stop a couple of times to catch my breath, and by stop I mean that I would do some breast strokes so that I didn’t actually stop…When you are in the ocean it is very overwhelming…the salt water…the cold…and the rolling waves. So after what felt like an hour…I finally got out of the water…took a look at my watch and I had done it in a little over 13 min…not bad…not great…but not bad…Ron snapped a picture of me running down the chute to the transition area:

Still smiling! That’s good! Off to transition 1, by my estimates it took me about 6 min…that’s a really long time so I will need to improve on that. So I get to transition, rip off my wetsuit, threw on my jersey, bike shoes, helmet, sunglasses and bike. I start to run toward the bike start and I was really getting frustrated with how people were moving…they were going so slow…WE ARE IN A RACE! Not like I am going to win, but can you please MOVE! Whatever…So I get to the start, mount my bike and up the hill I go. Let me just mention…when I volunteered at the Malibu Tri I stood at the bike start and told everyone to mount on the yellow line. At my race there was a guy doing something similar but he SUCKED at it. We were supposed to mount AFTER the white line, but he didn’t say anything till after I was already mounting my bike on the white line. Some people just do not take pride in their work…

So off to the bike course I went, three loops, and I got bored…but I got through the 10 miles in 35 minutes…not bad….not great…but not bad…

Then back to transition for the run, dropped my bike off, threw on my running shoes, hat and running belt (and blew my nose). As I started to run out I saw Ron again and he snapped this picture:

Still smiling…must be the E I took before the race….JUST KIDDING! So I was off for the 3 mile run, I saw George halfway through coming back the other direction and gave him a motivational kiss! I also saw some teammates and made sure to yell GO TEAM! Which is a tradition with the team… The run went well, had to walk a couple times but overall a good run. Not sure how long it took me because my times are not accurate on the website…says it took 1:18 for the run…which is impossible.. Right before I got to the finish line, Ron snapped another picture:

No, I did not run the entire thing with my arms up in the air like that….but I am still smiling! Must be delusional… So I crossed the finish line and there in the chute was George, Helen and a bunch of TNT people. It was so motivating to be there with such a great group of people and knowing that I had worked so hard to be there and had raised so much money for a great cause.

I finished the entire race in 1:33:51.7 and I had a great time!

Thank you to everyone who supported me and my mission, I plan to do more triathlons and am already going to sign up for the Turkey Triathlon that is on Thanksgiving weekend…don’t worry…don’t need any donations for that.



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The night before

‘Twas night before the triathlon, and all through the hotel not a single thing was stirring, not even in hell.

The tri bag was packed by the bed with care. In hopes that we would wake up to do our hair.

The tri team was nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of shot blocs danced in their heads;

and George in his kerchief, and I in my cap,
we had just settled down for a short night before tri nap,

When out on the water there rose such a clatter, I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.

Away from the window I flew like a flash,

Tore open the shutters and and threw up the sash.

The moon on the breast of the 5 foot waves
Gave the luster of mid-day to the objects on the pave,

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a lightweight tri bike, and with a guy holding a beer.

With a little old driver so lively and quick.
I new in the moment that it must be a trick.

“why it is not time!” I called to him below,
And he replied, “what, you didn’t know???
They had changed the time, it is right now”
Then I freaked out like a 2,000 pound cow.

I jumped out of bed, and threw on my clothes,
I couldn’t believe that I had to go.
Then all of a sudden, I started to fall
and then woke up, from a phone call.

“why it was only a dream!” I chanted out loud,
My brain felt like it was a cloud.
For I still had plenty of time,
and I knew that the medal would soon be mine.

So I fell back to sleep all sound in my bed;
my head fell on the pillow like it was made of lead.

I was ready for my tri as much as I could be
which made me full of glee.

With my eyes closed and my smile a gleam,
all I could think was, GO TEAM!!!!!