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Pasadena Marathon Bike Tour Race Report

How do I say this without sounding dirty?

I was SO wet…

It’s the wettest I have been EVER while on my bike…

I was wetter than a sponge…

Nope…still sounds bad!

One might say that doing the bike tour is for wussies…I would like to disagree with you….especially when a race is cursed.

Yes, George and I ride more than 26 miles on a regular basis (maybe George more than me). But it is so nice not having to stop! Just do 26 miles straight, not have to worry about cars and feel so much better about yourself when you pass all the people that think they can cycle…. And then when you add in a torrential downpour…well that just puts a feather in your cap! Most of the time, if it is raining, you opt out of going for a ride. However, when you paid $40 back in November then another $22, YOU ARE DOING THIS DAMN RIDE NO MATTER WHAT!  

Begin race report:

Weather forecast for Sunday = 30% chance of rain starting at 5AM

George and I got to the starting line without an issue. We bypassed all the idiots  people (sorry if I called you an idiot…but really? There are other ways to get to Colorado) trying to get off on Hill by weaving ourselves down small streets to Colorado. George also had the genius idea of registering us for the special carpoolers parking lot. The lot was underground, which proved to be a great thing! We got everything together and headed over to the start line. We also stopped off at the PTC tent and said hi to David & Marvin. David was doing the marathon and he looked ready to go (and he did very well). I grabbed 1/4 of a bagel and we headed over to sift our way through the corral. We ended up being pretty close to the front, which was nice, but took some maneuvering. The photogs were out and about taking pics, here is George and I at the start…just look through the bright orange writing, I am too cheap to buy these things.



I did not bring my camera with me because of the possible rain…which…I am glad I did 🙂

This was right when it started to drizzle, by mile 5 the heavens opened up and down came the rain and washed the cyclists out! I have never ridden my bike before in these kind of conditions. There are so many things you have to be careful of…can’t be too close to the person in front of you (in case the move suddenly), can’t take corners too fast, can’t see, and of course…the lake that is forming in your shoes….

Here I am at some point in the route, as you can see…ground is wet and it is dark out and to the left is George’s ass-


Fortunately, George and I did not crash and didn’t have any close calls. Although, George kept forgetting that we were riding in wet weather because he wanted me to draft him or get close to him….I had to gently remind him that it was POURING OUT!  By the time we got down to the Rose Bowl it cleared up for a bit. There was  a little hill and I was able to drink some water. I had a hard time drinking my water during the ride because of a couple of reasons:

#1 Gloves were wet, which made it hard to grip the plastic bottle

#2 I hate my water bottle holders because I can’t get the damn bottles out!

#3 I needed to have both hands on my bars because people are retarded…

For most of the ride it was fairly uneventful. We just cruised along and it wasn’t really raining. Then we got to mile 25 and once again…POURING RAIN! We swim to the finish and get our medals. I also loaded up on a TON of free stuff, I actually had the lady stuffing my back pockets. We head over to the PTC tent and no one from PTC is there. Just a bunch of Pasadena Pacers all huddled under the tent, it was quite amusing. It was still pouring rain, so we got to the sidewalk and got on our bikes to head to our shelter. By that time I was freezing! All my clothes were drenched and the only benefit of the wind breaker was that it was actually blocking the wind…even though it was soaked. 

We get down to the car and the first thing we do it strip off all the wet clothes. George, once again, had a GENIUS idea and brought towels! OMG love him! I never think of these things! We were able to dry off and get changed, loaded the bikes, blasted the heater, drove out from the parking structure and it was dry out :-/ Also, when we took off all the gear it probably weighed 5 pounds because it was so wet…I couldn’t believe that we had gone through all that!

Sidenote: The parking lot for the carpoolers was EMPTY, I highly recommend that people sign up for this next year, it was such a great benefit and it cost us nothing….RIDESHARE! Save a dinosaur!

We then had set our minds to McDonald’s (which turned out to not be a great idea) and headed over to the one near my house. After we ate we sort of felt like crap, which fast food does to you, but we still had to go to church. I was EXHAUSTED and sort of closed my eyes during the homily (sorry Fr.Tim). I also had a hard time standing and sitting because I was still sore from the day before (see previous post). But I was able to nap for about 3-4 hours when we got back, and I really needed that…

Overall, it was an awesome experience. My biggest concern was that I would get sick, but I am still holding strong! 

Here are my notes for the race directors:

#1 Great parking for the carpoolers!

#2 Overall, a very organized race!

#3 Loved the medals! THANK YOU!

#4 Can we push back the start time?

#5 Can you have it on a Saturday? Because…obviously…God is trying to tell you something…actually he just called me and told me to tell you to have it on a Saturday because you blocked 37 of his churches on your marathon route. You really  can’t do that to God…he will bring upon you fire and rain! Oh wait…he did that already….but you didn’t listen!

Thats everything for the weekend. It was very busy and I am still sore. Hope you are having a good week so far!

I forgot to mention, I wore my Drymax socks for this ride and my feet were fine (a little cold) but no blisters or sore spots! IT WAS RAINING SO MUCH I totally should have had something. For all the runners out there on Sunday, you should have had these socks! They would have saved you some pain 🙂


I think I live in Seattle

It has been raining for what seems like forever…last Thursday…

That’s a long time here in sunny Southern Cali! This is not what I have come to expect from this little corner of the world and I have to say that I am very disappointed. Last Thursday I wanted to go for a run but I couldn’t because it was pouring out. Saturday morning we got a break in the weather so I drove over to the Rose Bowl and ran my 3 mile loop, but it was sprinkling the entire time and my feet were pretty wet…HOWEVER…I had my Drymax socks on and my feet were not only dry…but warm…my shoes were actually flinging water each step I took but my feet were dry and comfortable. I am truly sold on these little gems!

George says it looks like I puked in the picture above, but it is just the wet ground and then some wet leaves. No worries…my 3 mile run did not make me puke…

I also got this cool picture when I went out with my mom later that day…poor downtown L.A. has a lot of clouds!


In addition to the crappy weather weekend we had, looks like it will be like this next weekend too…which is…my first event of 2009, The Tour de Palm Springs. The event is supposed to happen rain or shine, so I am just going to do it and hope for the best. I will get all of my winter gear together and just brave the elements because I AM NOT backing out of this one! Stupid rain and stupid global warming! Anyway, I am hoping that I can get out on my bike during the week since the weekend ended up being a bust. 

Winter sucks, and so does that groundhog that said we would have 6 more weeks of winter…meh!

1st Ever Rose Bowl Run

One day, I will look back on this post and giggle…because 3 miles will be nothing!

Yesterday, I decided I should go to the Rose Bowl for a run. Now, there is no actual running INSIDE the Rose Bowl…It is just sort of around it and a golf course:

I am also going to use this post to give my full report on Drymax socks, since this is really the first time I have run since I received the socks…quite a while ago…


I chose the trailrunning socks because they seem the warmest… My thing with any cycling products or running products, is that I know it is good when I don’t notice it. During my run last night…I never even THOUGHT about my feet! Which means…awesome socks! When you think about it, running socks are really important. Just like in cycling, your shoes and cleats are very important because that is the point of contact that moves the bike. In running, your feet get the most impact and connect to the ground. Having good socks that keep your feet protected is crucial to a good run.

So, onto my run…I got to the Rose Bowl around 5:30ish, stretched a bit and got started on my run:


I am not sure how all my clothes end up being black…guess I take after my mother…

So off I went…I started running and lately I have been watching these ChiRunning videos that one of the Pasadena Tri Club’s sponsors has, He had one video where he talked about attacking hills, he talked about taking shorter steps and think about standing tall and not hunch over. Each little hill that I got to during my run, I did exactly that and came up and over the hill just fine and ready to keep going. I got about half way through my run and I realized I was still running…I hadn’t stopped once to walk. Then I thought, “ya know, after this part…the rest is a slight downgrade…I bet I could run this whole thing!” and guess what? I did! I was so proud of myself! I think that could possibly the longest I have ever run and not stopped to walk. It took me 34 minutes to do, which means I was at an 11 minute pace. After looking at the map when I got home, I now have some markers that tells me when I hit each mile so I can start looking at my splits. 

I have to say that I went out there not knowing what to expect and I am really happy that I went out there and exceeding any expectation I had (which was not much).

Also, to wrap up on my Drymax sock report…when I got home I peeled off all my layers and each one was drenched with sweat…then I took my socks off…the socks were completely dry and so were my feet! So I will be using Drymax from here on out for all my runs!