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Newbie Monday Post on Tuesday


I was in LA LA land yesterday and totally forgot about my Newbie Monday post!

As I said last week, each Monday my post will be driven to Newbie’s. Some tips and tricks that I have been learning along the way that I feel no one tells you unless you are very aggressive about it. So this weeks topic:


Ok, George actually suggested this topic because he felt so ridiculous for a while there. Let me put it this way….

triathletes/cyclists + underwear = NO


Get used to it…you shouldn’t wear underwear….I can’t tell you how long George and I did not understand this concept and were wearing underwear under our shorts. Basically, you shouldn’t be doing this. Your hinny needs to be in direct contact with the chamois of the shorts. You also want to reduce the amount of friction, the fewer amount of clothes you have down there the better. And the more lubrication, the better….(Chamois cream). No one wants to talk about it, but no one tells anyone….I don’t just go up to someone and say….”hey…you know you shouldn’t wear underwear with your cycling shorts” because admit it….that would be weird. Not to mention that we do a lot of sweating down there while riding. Cotton traps all the moisture while the chamois is made to let it release, therefore making it cleaner down there as well. 

So are we clear on that? I don’t want to see any pantie lines out there! 

And yes, you will have to wash your shorts after each ride, because that would just be nasty! That also means that you will need to own more than one pair of cycling shorts. Recently I have discovered a really good website for cycling clothing (especially for the ladies) they also have, I just bought a new jersey from there and I am looking forward to getting it very soon!

So I hope this helps….because of my comfort level of not wearing underwear when I ride, I now also don’t wear them when I run and wear my running shorts that have a liner. I am not sure if it is the same concept…but it seems to work 🙂



New “Newbie Monday” Post

I have noticed by my search results that I get a lot of hits from people that have questions regarding various topics regarding  biking and triathlons. Just like me, they are too nervous to ask other people about this stuff or don’t have access to people that know this stuff.  So I have therefore deemed Monday’s as Newbie Monday, I will address various topics that a newbie might not know, but could learn by just reading up on it.

So without further ado…. My very first topic will be your ass.

I get searches every day for “my ass hurts when I ride” & “my sit bones hurt”…etc….So let me break something down for all those whose ass hurts:

The smaller the seat the better. All the gel in the world will not help you after a 3 hour ride. After a while, the more padding on the seat you have the worse it will get. The goal here is to have a nice pair of cycling shorts that will protect your butt. If you are a total newbie and refuse to wear those silly shorts (you will grow out of that) you can wear them under a pair of regular shorts. But when you become serious about cycling, you will be proud to sport your lycra! Also, you will just have to get used to it by riding more.





See picture “BAD”: Unless you are riding a beach cruiser, you do not need that big ass saddle…The “good” one might take some getting used to and everyone is different but the less friction you create in your butt area the better. In addition, a “Good” saddle will have a lot of bend and flex in the middle to allow that area to have some shock absorption. 

Another reason why your ass will hurt is bike fit. If you are at all serious about cycling you need to find someone to do a bike fit for you, it does wonders! Usually, your local bike shop will have someone who will do it and it will run you about $150. What they do is the measure your body and angles to get you in the best position on your bike. The bike fit also makes sure that you are putting most of your weight on your sit bones. Because this is part of the overall structure of your body , it is better to put your weight there (I think….if I am wrong, someone please correct me). This all will help your ass.

Another crucial piece of making your ass happier is chamois cream. It seems a little weird at first but it totally worth it. Before you go on your ride you slather some in the areas that touch the saddle (you basically put it on the you would put Desitin on a baby), pull up your shorts and you are ready to go!

Now for the women, I am convinced that we may never be that comfortable on the saddle. Not sure if it is our geometry or they way saddle’s are made for women but I have spoken to a few women that are competitive riders and there is always something that just isn’t right. If you are a woman and are very comfortable on your saddle, please share your ancient Chinese secret!

I realize I am not an expert at this, but I am also no ashamed to straight out ask people. So therefore, a lot of what I have learned is from going to people and saying “my ass hurts, what do you do about it???” So, I put this out there…from here on out…if you are an experienced cyclist and have something constructive to add, please do so as I know it would be very beneficial for many people that might not know about this stuff.


If you have any questions that you would like to be addressed, e-mail me…my address is in the upper left corner.