Creature Comforts


Through this sport, you learn that there are things that you just can’t live without. Here I will post these things, because I think they are awesome and I can save you the trouble of buying a bunch of stuff you will end up not liking!

If you click on the photo, it will take you to a place were you can buy it. So far most of the links go to REI and, I have done business with both companies and would highly recommend them.

eSoles Custom Footbeds

Great insoles! They do a custom scan of your foot and create specific insoles for you and what sport you are doing. I have the custom insoles for my running shoes and I also have them in my cycling shoes (not custom). Just so happens that my insurance pays 80% for them and my flexible spending account covers the rest. A really great investment and better than getting your foot casted!

Louis Garneau Tri Pack Evolution 2009


This is by far the best Tri bag that I have seen. There is a chair (which is always envied at the tri’s I do), a removable wetsuit holder, a place for your helmet, when you open the bag it only gets better. There is a separate compartment to put your cycling shoes & running shoes in. There is also a place to put clothes as well as organize out all your goodies (swim caps, pills, nutrition, gear, etc). I can’t rave about this bag enough. Surprisingly enough, it is not too expensive….$10

If you are new to triathlons, you may be wondering why you would need a specific tri bag…#1 You have a lot of crap that you don’t want to lose…having a basic gym bag will not help you keep an eye on it. #2 Many times your car is a good distance from the transition area, which means you must mount your bike and ride it to the start. This can be complicated with a basic bag…I have seen bad things happen. #3 When people ask you why you have such a big backpack…you get to say….”oh, its a tri bag…for when I do Triathlons” 🙂

2XU Women’s Comp Tri Top 2009

This one is for the ladies! Or big men :-/

I literally bought this the day before the Arrowhead Day at the Beach Triathlon on a recommendation from a lady at Triathlon Lab in Hermosa Beach. They say you shouldn’t do anything new before race day, but this was TOTALLY worth it! It has great support and dries quickly. A little pricey, but you can’t wear a normal bra during a triathlon. Once it gets wet, it looses it firmness and then the girls are all over the place!

2XU Women’s Endurance Triathlon Singlet 2008

Because of my luck with the bra, I decided to get a full top before I did the Turkey Tri. Once again, bought it last minute…but I had a level of trust with 2XU…

It worked out great! I think I like it better than the bra. It does have a built in bra, which I am usually COMPLETEY against, but once again…took the chance and I was thouroughly impressed. The girls stayed in place and the shirt did not ride up.

Bontrager RXL Road Shoe

Hands down the best cycling shoes I have ever owned! Okay, it’s only my second pair…but I love them!  They can be a little pricey but they are really comfortable and who doesn’t love white shoes?

Specialized Therminal Arm Warmers

Perfect for a crisp Southern California morning. They have a very lightweight fleece lining and stay up perfectly. I had the REI arm warmers before and those never stayed up. Now I have these and I LOVE them!

Pearl Izumi ThermaFleece Leg Warmers

After riding 56 miles in these, they have made the list of Creature Comforts. They fit great and only needed small adjustments as expected (i.e. potty breaks). They kept my legs warm and the fleece lining is really nice and never felt hot even when the weather creeped up to almost 70 degrees. Overall a good product and would highly recommend!

Paceline Products Chamois Butt’r – 8 oz.

What can I say about something that goes on your butt? Well, first of all, it is not greasy and comes off your hands with just a little bit of tissue or whatever else you have lying around. I reapplied once during my half century and I did not get any chafing. By the end of the ride, my butt didn’t bother me at all…which I guess is a good thing.

Sidenote: Bring a little zip-loc baggie with you and put some of the cream in there so that you can reapply or add to what you put on.

CamelBak Podium Bottle – 24 oz.

This really is a great water bottle, if you click on the picture it will take you to the REI site, but you can buy it at Sport Chalet and local bike shops as well. It has a one way valve so say you have to flip your bike over to work on something or you knock the bottle over, no water will come out because of the cool valve. You can also switch it from being open to closed which is good when you are shaking up your powder mix in with the water. George and I use this exclusively just because they are so good!

Amphipod Runlite Waist Race Hydration Pack – 16 oz.

These are great to have on l0ng runs (long being relative for me). I especially liked the Amphipod versus the Fuelbelt because these holsters are a little bit different/better. Instead of pulling out the little bottle, you actually snap it in which is very convenient. There is also a little pouch for keys, MP3 player, asthma inhaler… which is nice as well. In terms of riding up as you run…I have found that this is very dependant on the clothes you are wearing. The more slippery the fabric, the more likely it will ride up. With fleece it stays in place just fine, but who wears fleece year round when running? Sarah Palin?

CamelBak Choose To Re-Use Better Bottle – 25 oz.

As an athlete you need to be drinking tons of water a day, this is a great water bottle that you can carry around with you wherever you go. Once again, Camelbak has used a one way valve that is just awesome. I like to refer to this as a big kids sippie cup because you can knock it over, turn it upside down and absolutely no water comes out of it. I have noticed that I drink more water because of this bottle and it is also easy to clean.

And it is good for our planet!

Pearl Izumi Cyclone Gloves – Women’s

I find that these gloves do the job very well here in Southern California. The coldest I have ridden in would be 45 degrees and my hands were fine. However, I have read reviews that these are not good for extreme weather conditions. So if you plan on riding in 30 degree weather…these are not the gloves for you. However, if you just need something to keep your hands toasty and are very flexible, get these.

Sidenote: I bought these gloves a little on the tight side and it ended up being a good decision. The gloves stretch a little and so now they fit my hands perfectly.

Yakima KingPin 4 Hitch Rack

I recently added this to my car and I really like it. Yakima, I believe, has discountinued this model so that means that a lot of places that sell bike racks have them on sale. If you click on the picture, it will take you to the REI website where they have it for $134. I am so glad that I got this for my car, it makes loading and unloading a breeze and the rest of the time I leave the rack on the car because I carry my bike around enough to justify having it on. It also doesn’t weigh too much, so it won’t affect your gas mileage.
Overall, a good buy.


Drymax Socks
I rave about these socks ALL the time! I have a tendency to get blisters inmy arch because my arch collapses each time I take a step. Therefore, causing a lot of rubbing in the arch area. When I was training back in September/October of 2008 I would get blisters there when I would run as little as 3 miles. I now run 3 miles a couple times a week with these socks and I don’t have one single problem. They are just great socks. One great advantage to them is that they have this double layer that is woven together so that your sweat moves from the inner layer to the outer layer, thus keeping your feet dry.


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