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Nautica Malibu Classic Distance Triathlon Race Report – 2012

This was my third time doing this race, and got my worst time yet…awesome. To give you an idea of how much worse, I did a spreadsheet (because I love spreadsheets):


So 2010 was my best year, I also placed 5th that year in Athena. This year was just a disaster! But I still had fun (sort of)…so here is my story.

We woke up bright and early on Sunday morning, I pretty much spent about an hour Saturday morning laying out all my gear to make sure i had everything. This was a great decision because I was completely prepared for the next day.


I always eat a bagel and Illy (cold coffee drink) the morning of a workout. I have done this for all the training days out at Zuma and did the same thing race morning. EXCEPT, I had a different bagel (not from my usual place) and I bought some jam that I had never used before. Needless to say, the car ride to Zuma started my problems. I started to get car sick in the hills on Kanan and I could feel the bagel just sitting in my stomach. Blech…

We get to Zuma, park and hang out in the car for about an hour. Let my stomach settle down,relaxed and watched a documentary on Netflix. Finally get packed up and on our bikes riding to the transition area. #1 Tri bags are the best…get one if you don’t have one. #2 you don’t need a bucket to wash your feet in (saw too many people with this) #3 bring a light, it’s dark on the ride in. I have this cool one that clips onto my hat and works very well.


Hanging out before the race


Found Nancy over in the Nestle area

My wave didn’t go off until 8:15, so I scheduled my last bite of food and hour and a half before (banana) and made my way to the start. The water was really warm, so I hung out a little bit in the water but didn’t need to do it too much.

The canon blasted and we were off! I stayed to the left of the buoy and didn’t have any issues with the current, in fact, it helped me. Before I knew it I had made it to the first buoy and felt good. Onto the second one, feeling good, then the third. I felt a little winded by the third buoy so I took a second to catch my breath and prepared for the swim in. Caught one wave toward the end and washed up the the beach (literally).

Swim time: 22:13 (for as good as I felt about the swim, can’t believe I was this slow)

Ran into T1, got some water in my mouth and spit it out. I learned a long time ago to not drink when coming right out of the water. Just get some water in to rinse out the salt and that’s it. Got a little frustrated with all the relay teams lined up against the racks…hard to see where yours is with a wall of people. Get to my bike and go through the transition process. Had a decent time, but have had better times in the past. Also yelled at a few people casually walking down the middle of the blue mat. There may have been cuss words involved…

T1 time: 3:29

Onto the bike! HELLO HEADWIND! Because of the late start of my wave I think I had to deal a lot with the headwinds. The fastest Athena time was actually pretty slow, so that tells me even they were fighting it. About two weeks before the race, I bought a new bike and really had only ridden it once. I probably should have just stuck with my old bike, but that one was too big. The whole ride I felt sick and on the verge of a headache. I couldn’t really push hard and every time I tried to get into the drops I felt a sharp headache pain. So I just tried to stay neutral and hydrate. Hit the road near transition and the headwinds were killer. I was pushing hard in the big ring and only going 13 mph…it sucked. The nice part? Getting a tailwind into transition, 20 mph with very little effort.

Bike Time: 1:10:27

And the run, which was really more like a walk…I hadn’t trained the run AT ALL. I hate running, it’s the worst. I dread every step and my heart always feels like it’s going to explode even at a 12 minute mile pace. The first mile felt the worst and eventually I just started taking it little by little until I was done. The last half a mile my stomach felt like there was a rock in it and I just pushed through to the finish.

Run Time: 53:01….gross

My overall time was 2:31:19, over 15 minutes slower than the last time I did this race. #notimpressed


George was waiting for me at the finish, I was pooped. We found Chrissie Wellington and I had her sign my medal and got a picture with her:


Her calves are enormous…just sayin….

We eat at the donor brunch and then pack up to head home. Half way home that wonderful brunch ended up in the bushes somewhere in Sherman Oaks. I had a massive migraine and my stomach was still having a fit. Get home and crash for two hours, wake up, feel better and am human again. Then George fell asleep (aren’t we a pair):


This is a good race, I really like doing it. This year just wasn’t my year but I will try again. Now it’s time to get ready for the club championship! Which means I need to run…