Nautica Malibu Triathlon Race Report

This is my blog right? I wouldn’t know since it has been so long… I have just been super busy with training and work that I don’t really know what to do with myself. I’m also lazy when I am not busy, so that would explain a lot…

Okay, so I still owe you all a race report for the Marin Century, that one is coming down the pipeline as well….eventually….

But let’s focus on the most recent race, shall we? Mostly because I can actually remember most of it.

The night before the race I got everything packed up and was in bed by 9:30pm. I was very conscience of what I ate the day before, mostly focusing on veggies and not hard to digest foods. I woke up at 3AM Sunday morning and started to get ready, there was a coffee panic attack when I couldn’t find my k-cups, but alas, they were hiding in the cupboard….of all places! Was able to get down half a PB&J, i had a late dinner so I wasn’t too hungry in the morning. We were out of the house by 3:45 and at Zuma by 4:45. We secured a nice parking spot along the running path of the race and hung out in the car for a while. We realized it was pointless to freeze our tails off near transition, so we stayed in the car and made out stayed warm. At 5:45 we got everything together and headed over to the start. I would really like to compliment George and I for being very efficient. We just threw our 50 pound transition bags on our back and rode into transition. I can’t tell you how many people I saw schlepping way to much stuff, balloon? Unnecessary… Got through the crowd and set up transition. George went over to the Triathlon Zombies tent and got some gels as well as some TriSlide which he ended up loving. Blah Blah Blah…got wetsuit on…listened to an American Idol cast off sing the national anthem and off to the start. As usual, I had over an hour to kill before my wave. So I got into the 57 degree water and warmed up for about 30 minutes, stretched for another 10 minutes, listened to my stomach grumble (because I didn’t eat enough breakfast) for another 20 minutes then lined up for the start. Second to last wave and we were off!

Swim- 19:57

The swim felt amazing! Through the club we have had an opportunity to do swim lessons over at Occidental College, although I have only gone to 2 sessions (still have more in the works) they gave me some great tips on my technique. I usually stop a couple times when swimming out there in the ocean, and this time I only stopped twice to let someone go by because they weren’t spotting and heading directly out into the ocean and once to burp. Otherwise, I had my head down and focused on maximizing my stroke. There were no waves, it felt like I was swimming in a lake. I actually wanted to body surf in, and couldn’t…no waves….

Got out of the water and started running up into transition. Felt strong as I ran through and got to my transition area.

T1 – 3:23

I could have made my transition a bit faster, but I forgot to turn my Garmin on before the race so I was screwing with that as I was trying to get everything off, then on. Really have to remember to turn on the Garmin…

Bike – 1:03:11

Bike felt good, stayed aero for most of the way and passed a lot of people and only had a couple pass me. I kept playing bunny rabbit with this one chick. She would get me on the hills, but I would get her in the flats and downhills. I came in before her on the bike, but she passed me on the run. I named her “She Best” because she has a She Best top on….or at least I think that is the name of the brand….

My stomach was getting fussy with me while I was on the bike, but I focused on little sips of water and trying to keep the burping going. I knew that if I needed to I would just barf while on the bike, no time to stop and deal with that…. 🙂

Before the race Michael Epstein told us not to win the race in the turn arounds, so I really made sure I took my time in those areas. One girl tried to pass us at Leo Carrillo and couldn’t get her gearing straightened out and dropped her chain…that’s what you get for not listening! Headed back to transition, took a gel, some endurolytes and cruised in.

T2 – 1:56

T2 felt great for me, I had practiced pulling my shoes off while on the bike last Tuesday and did it during the race and it worked perfectly. It was great not having to run that long transition in cycling shoes! As I was coming to the line with my feet on my shoes there were a few people yelling “she has no shoes!” I just laughed and kept moving…obviously they did not see the pros come through. Got the running gear on and was off.

Run – 46:08

Yes, I still suck and running…but this was a good run for me! Garmin clocked in the distance as 4.17 and I did 4 minutes running and then 1 minute break. This worked out really well for me and I stayed on schedule. My feet were still numb from the water and when I started running the only thing I could think of is “Geez! This feels weird”. Feeling came back around mile 2, I am thinking for cold water tri’s in the future, I might get those hot sole thingy’s that heat up and I can put them in my cycling shoes. George thinks I should do some stretches while on my bike to get blood back there…i’ll try both because George is usually right (please don’t tell him I said that).

Before I knew it I was running to the finish, this year it felt really good and I didn’t feel like I was going to die…just another training day.

Total time: 2:14:37, around 6 minutes faster than last year and good enough to get me 5th place in Athena.

Overall, the race felt like it was over and done with really fast. I had a great time and felt like I executed very well. I am hoping to be even faster next year and get under 2:10, as usual, I could gain the most by becoming a better runner!

Congrats to everyone that did the race! This one is a lot of fun for me, I like the celebrities…although there weren’t that many good ones this year. George and I have no time to rest, on October 10th we are doing our first Olympic distance and we need to start training for that.

I’ll be back with pictures in another post.


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  1. Congratulations on only stopping twice on your swim – awesome.

    Congratulations on 5th place – whoo hoo!


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